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Book Cover for: Loggerheads: Poems, Lucy Heuschen

Loggerheads: Poems

Lucy Heuschen

Loggerheads - Lucy Heuschen:

Dive into the heart of contemporary British poetry with Loggerheads, the winner of The Broken Spine's illustrious 2023 Poetry and Prose Chapbook Competition, meticulously judged by Editor-in-Chief Alan Parry and Jay Rafferty (Holy Things). Authored by the prodigious Lucy Heuschen, this collection showcases her poetic prowess.

Lucy Heuschen's Loggerheads is an exploration of self, identity, and the complex web of emotion. Starting from the decisive Twin, where Heuschen boldly declares her journey of individuality, to the introspective My Name is Water, the collection encapsulates the essence of personal evolution.

Karen Pierce Gonzalez (Coyote in the Basket of My Ribs) hails Loggerheads as a 'tightly woven collection' that showcases Heuschen's unwavering journey through the myriad of choices that sculpt her existence. Julie Stevens (Step Into the Dark) commends the chapbook for its authentic portrayal of life, from the vibrancy of youth to the solemn shadows cast by illness, encapsulating the collection's emotionally charged narrative.

Mark Antony Owen (after...) reminisces the evocative 80s references that initially bathe Loggerheads in a light of endless possibility, only to delve into the more profound, often challenging realities of adulthood, yet without losing the glimmer of hope that love and resilience can bring.

Loggerheads is an essential read for contemporary poetry and literature fans, embodying the spirit of self-discovery, the nuances of human relationship dynamics, and the indomitable resilience of the human spirit. Lucy Heuschen, with her vivid and evocative language, crafts poems that resonate deeply, inviting readers into a space of reflection, understanding, and, ultimately, empowerment.

ISBN: 9798870975320

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  • Publish Date: Apr 29th, 2024
  • Pages: 36
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