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Book Cover for: Lovesick Werewolf: Scrunchy Eyes - Fiction Collection, Mark Gordon Palmer

Lovesick Werewolf: Scrunchy Eyes - Fiction Collection

Mark Gordon Palmer


"Sticks and stones won't break my bones - BUT WORDS . . ."

SCRUNCHY EYES FICTION: 'Urban + Rural Fears' collection -2
Cinematic short stories of love & horror

Suburban Nightmares * Tainted Lovers * Rising Paranoia * Ghostly Encounters * Monsters Revealed

"There's No Such Thing - As Fiction"

From genre film critic and freelance journalist Mark Gordon Palmer comes the 3 Volume 'Scrunchy Eyes Fiction Collection' of satirical, erotic, violent and unsettling short stories to take you close - to the edge!

2: 'LOVESICK WEREWOLF' includes the following short stories:

'The Worsening Palpitations Of A Lonely, Locked-In Girl': A young girl trapped alone at home hears the prowling of a creature outside her bedroom window - but the truth of the beast is far more shocking than any real life monster.

'Lovesick Werewolf': A poetic werewolf stalking a public toilet in Tunbridge Wells reflects on the loss of a lover before considering a fresh new kill at the sink - or could it be love?

'Outliner Blue': The office employee with a murderous fetish for sleazy doodles.

'Saphead': A little apple tree with a mind of its own gets adopted by a family full of unhinged desires - and a bullied child in need of some help.

'Fridge id': In an area of "outstanding natural beauty" an abandoned fridge hiding a secret of ice cold desires - and a lover with a trick that will chill you to the bone.

'Blue Eyes For The Dead': A rising of open eye-fearing zombies in a quiet suburban road only kill in the day - while you doze.

'Santa In Soho': It's just another Christmas for a Soho stripper - until he discovers the murderous intent of the creature in his sack.

'Butterscotch Skye Is Bored, But Not Hung': A boyband groupie wins a ticket to dinner with her favourite group on the night they split up - but the split won't be as amicable when it comes to the reunion.

'Pixie-High And The Vampire Truckers': In a lonely hideout for the vampire truckers, a young blogger encounters a retro disco - and a girl with the sharpest teeth in the village.

'Only The Living Have Oily Hair': A neighbour with an obsession for the cleanest of hair follicles uncovers a cubbyhole in his house - filled with a terrible secret.

'The Skin On The Stone': Sudden love between a boy obsessed with a new kind of energy drink and a checkout girl with an ABBA obsession gets increasingly depraved and monstrous as they explore a cellar, with a sacrificial stone altar - right at the "navel of the world".

'Copykitten': A film screening of a controversial movie sends a young film fan into a spiral of obsession after a frenzied rampage in a Richmond park - just hope she doesn't show you her name!

'Black Watercress': An overindulgence in a new aphrodisiac makes the eyes of an oversexed killer go black - with rage.

'Cruelty Park': A stroll in the park in the late afternoon results in terrifying encounters with zombie children, demonic dogs and suburban witchcraft - could it all linked to a treacherous lover at the swimming baths, and her addiction to chlorine?

Titles available in the SCRUNCHY EYES FICTION: URBAN + RURAL FEARS collection:
4. SCRUNCHY EYES FICTION: COMPLETE + CHRONOLOGICAL (contains the first 3 volumes in 1 collection - 39 stories arranged in chronological order of writing

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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Feb 28th, 2023
  • Pages: 256
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.54in - 0.76lb
  • EAN: 9798622970108
  • Categories: Horror - General