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Book Cover for: Macro and Microscopic Studies of Pancreas in Chabro Chicken, Renu Yadav

Macro and Microscopic Studies of Pancreas in Chabro Chicken

Renu Yadav
This book contains the gross, histological and histochemical studies on the pancreas of twenty four apparently healthy chabro chickens irrespective of sex. The pancreas was located in the abdominal cavity on the right side of median plane within the duodenal loop. It was elongated and was creamy white in group-1 and pale pink in other groups. The pancreas of chabro chicken was covered by thin fibrous connective tissue capsule. The interstitial tissue around the acini was formed by reticular fibers which generally encircled one third to two third part of the individual acini in group 1 and the entire acini in other groups. From group- 2 onwards fine to coarse reticular fibers were observed inside the islets of Langerhans. Exocrine parenchyma consisted of serous tubuloacinar secretory acini and the duct system. Endocrine part (Islets of Langerhans) was oval and rounded however, their shape varied considerably. Epithelium of various types of ducts the reaction for best carmine, Sudan black B and bromophenol blue was similar in all the groups but the reaction for acid muccopolysaccharides and PAS was different in various groups

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  • Publish Date: Jan 11st, 2023
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