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Book Cover for: Maitreya Meditation Tutorials III: Samyama-Siddhis, Roberto Guillermo Gomes

Maitreya Meditation Tutorials III: Samyama-Siddhis

Roberto Guillermo Gomes
How to perform the Samyama?: First we enter a meditative state, we focus our attention on the object of our selection, we deepen our concentration until the notion of subject and object become undifferentiated. In such a situation and state, through an act of will we modify the internal or external nature of the object, or both at the same time, within the fluctuation of space-time, visualizing such an event, internally experiencing it happening in our own Being that is modified. at par.This perfection of yogi self-control is only surpassed when the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi Yoga is reached. Through Samyama the knowledge of the real nature of things is achieved and through this its control. This is how the so-called shiddis or psychic powers are obtained, which can cause disturbance and mental imbalance, for which it is advisable to renounce them and concentrate on realizing God, obtaining bliss and the supreme knowledge of Infinite Reality

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