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Book Cover for: Map My Faith with Wonder and Awe, Latayne C. Scott

Map My Faith with Wonder and Awe

Latayne C. Scott

Did you know that your mind can think thoughts that originated in eternity? And that there is a God who wants to share His mind, His thinking processes with you?

Were you created to dream, restoring your faith in God? But are you "stuck" in your spiritual growth? Are you searching for how to grow in faith, or failing in faith? It's crucial in today's tumultuous times: Do you have a plan to build faith?

Among the most ancient, cherished and legendary Christian spiritual practices is identifying the pathway of faith which can be mapped in your own life to restore faith and your sense of awe and wonder in your relationship with God.

It's your own personal Hero's Journey.

Hidden in plain sight in the Bible are the Three Phases of Faith: Absolutes (like God's promises), the inevitable roadblocks of Contradictions to those promises, and the soul-satisfying Resolution God promises to His victorious faith overcomers.

This easy to read and richly illustrated faith workbook with original color illustrations goes far beyond faith enchantment to give a "spiritual expresso shot" to Christian and spiritual life. It includes self-assessment questions like "A Case Study of YOU", points to further reading and scriptures, and provides links to resources.

Far more than just a faith workbook for women, Map My Faith with Wonder and Awe is strength-giving and easy to remember for both men and women who have already enthusiastically endorsed and found the thrill of faith and practical strategies for spiritual growth, and restoring faith in God. If you are asking, Can I trust God?-- this book will give you solid reasons why you can have the courage to trust God.

With poignant true-life examples of how The Phases of Faith have helped her triumph in the "dumpster fires of life", the award-winning author of over two dozen published books including best-sellers like Discovering the City of Sodom and The Mormon Mirage, Dr. Latayne C. Scott, calls on her experience with thousands of people who have studied the Phases of Faith to show the secure and exhilarating path of faith.

Stunning original artwork and memes remind you of wisdom from author Scott:

"Great faith can compensate for personal failure" -

"God believes in you -- in fact, just the other day He said He just can't get you out of His mind (Isaiah 49:14-16)

"Contradictions don't wait their turns."

"God counts every hair on my head but He doesn't apparently think too highly of my timetables."

"Note to Self: It's a contradiction, stupid."

"The most painful trial becomes valuable and meaningful when I see them through the eyes of God."

"Only in the cauldron of Contradictions are we proven faithful."

"We live securely with an invisible reality that is churning the events of our lives beneath our feet."

"A promise is only as good as the ability and reliability of the One who makes it."

"Any church or religion that doesn't emphasize the dynamics of the unseen is only half a religion."

"One goal of our faith is to dwarf all Contradictions -- You can only do that by confronting them and outlasting them mentally."

"God is not the patron of your experience: He is the Master of it."

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  • Publish Date: Nov 1st, 2023
  • Pages: 146
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Praise for this book


Mapping the Phases of Faith across my life gives me hope when my natural human optimism goes flat. I have known the promises and have lived in contradictions to those promises for a long time. Most of the time, I kept the faith though it was often in friction.

But when I studied under Latayne Scott, I learned how to access the peace Jesus offers through the truth that He will provide Resolution (Phase 3).

That opened the door for Yahweh to change frictional faith into shalom faith as He continually sheds off unwarranted worry, vain imaginations, and ungodly fear as I remind myself of Resolution while walking out Contradiction times.

Because of this peace, my life has been completely changed through biblical faith mapping.

Sherrie A. Buscemi

"Without exaggeration, Latayne's teaching on the Phases of Faith has literally changed my life."

Keith Lancaster, Award-winning songwriter, producer, and founder of Christian Hall of Fame artist Acappella.

This study was one of the best I've ever done. I hold Latayne C. Scott's writing as intellectually stimulating as C.S. Lewis yet easily applied to your life. -Jennifer Moore Grauberger

"It's a contradiction" has been added to my mantras. A slow down does not equal a full stop.‬ -Amy Peterson

God is sovereign and purposeful .... Nothing stands in His way of resolving our trials to His glory and our ultimate good. He will never leave His sheep, even in the midst of seeming contradictions. His promises are real and you can count on them utterly. -Celeste Green

Excellent book!‬ -Shelly Jean Beach

As a counselor for at-risk and under-privileged youth and young adults, Latayne Scott's class far exceeded any expectations in igniting mental and emotional rejuvenation through the Bible, faith, and the importance of intimacy with God. Introducing the Bible as an agent of change in one's life takes the pressure off performance and striving and puts transformation into the hands of God alone. Many broken people want advice on what to do next to "feel" better, but being able to encourage them to just sit with God's word and trust in it to change their life is such a simple but profound prescription. The phases of faith are so closely entwined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, that recognizing the promises of God fits a therapeutic mold that is formidable in mental and emotional revolution. . . This class was the exact therapy I needed to get out of a mental and spiritual lull for myself, and even more recommended for others going through hard times in life.

Amanda Kinn-Gerrells

Guidance Counselor

As a licensed therapist, attending Dr. Latayne Scott's "Mapping Your Faith" course has enriched my psychotherapy practice. Using biblical examples, Dr. Scott examines the three phases of faith: promise, contradiction, and resolution. Clients seeking therapy are usually in phase two: contradiction. With the knowledge and practice of Faith Mapping, the therapist can offer more tools to the Christian client, while continuing to adhere to an Evidence-Based Therapy model. Dr. Scott explores over thirty practical ways a Christian can cope, and even thrive, during a contradiction. By learning about the phases of faith, in Dr. Scott's "Mapping Your Faith" course, the Christian therapist can increase their repertoire of practical methods to offer hope during a difficult time in a client's life.

Deona Foust, LCSW