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Book Cover for: Markets with Bureaucratic Characteristics: How Economic Bureaucrats Make Policies and Remake the Chinese State, Yingyao Wang

Markets with Bureaucratic Characteristics: How Economic Bureaucrats Make Policies and Remake the Chinese State

Yingyao Wang

China's breathtaking economic development has been driven by bureaucrats. Even as the country transitioned away from socialist planning toward a market economy, officialdom retained a striking degree of influence and control over crafting and implementing policy. Yet bureaucrats are often dismissed as faceless and inconsequential, their role neglected in favor of party leaders' top-down rule or bottom-up initiatives.

Markets with Bureaucratic Characteristics offers a new account of economic policy making in China over the past four decades that reveals how bureaucrats have spurred large-scale transformations from within. Yingyao Wang demonstrates how competition among bureaucrats motivated by careerism has led to the emergence of new policy approaches. Second-tier economic bureaucrats instituted distinctive--and often conflicting--"policy paradigms" aimed at securing their standing and rewriting China's long-term development plans for their own benefit. Emerging from the middle levels of the bureaucracy, these policy paradigms ultimately reorganized the Chinese economy and reshaped state-market relations. Drawing on fine-grained biographical and interview data, Wang traces how officials coalesced around shared career trajectories, generational experiences, and social networks to create new alliances and rivalries. Shedding new light on the making and trajectory of China's ambitious economic reforms, this book also provides keen sociological insight into the relations among bureaucracy, states, and markets.

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  • Publisher: Columbia University Press
  • Publish Date: May 7th, 2024
  • Pages: 304
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9780231214780
  • Categories: Economic ConditionsPublic Policy - Economic PolicyWorld - Asian

About the Author

Yingyao Wang is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Virginia.
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