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Book Cover for: Mind-Body Therapy and Your Health, Happiness, and Success, Dr Judith Giustini

Mind-Body Therapy and Your Health, Happiness, and Success

Dr Judith Giustini

Is a book that started out as a series of essays explaining to Chiropractic

patients a new type of hands-on patient care that did not require forceful spinal manipulation and grew into a book that explains stress as a cause of illness and an advanced method of diagnosis and therapy that can be practiced in person or remotely.

In her book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Karol K. Truman provides a list of potential stressors that could be the precipitating causes of each of a series of illnesses. She also provides a comprehensive list of negative feelings and several choices of antithetical positive feelings that could potentially neutralize the vibrations of the negative feelings.

In Mind-Body Therapy, we have The Search, which is a method that

helps to identify the lifestyle choices and the positive and negative feelings that are involved in causing the stress that is causing the patient's illness.

Mind-Body Therapy is a method whereby a patient can go from Confusion to Self-Awareness to Self-Knowledge to Peace.

In Mind-Body Therapy and Your Health, Happiness, and Success, each

chapter is about 350 words, written to be easy-to-understand, even though they may challenge your beliefs.

A main goal of the author is to teach this information to patients, students, practitioners, teachers, and teachers of teachers - remotely or in person.

Mind-Body Therapy might make a subject for classes at various health care colleges.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Dr. Judith Giustini Publishing
  • Publish Date: Apr 28th, 2024
  • Pages: 296
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.80in - 0.88lb
  • EAN: 9798893959864
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About the Author

Dr Judith Giustini: - "Dr. Judith Giustini was born in Glendale, California in June of 1941. She attended California public schools, and she is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley (1963) and Palmer College of Chiropractic (1970). For the first 20 years of her Chiropractic practice, she treated her patients with Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation techniques, aided by Kinesiological Muscle Testing, as taught by George Goodheart, D.C. plus nutritional supplementation and herbal remedies from America and China. In 1990, she learned about Bio-Energy Haling from Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., M.S., D.C., and she realized there was more to treating patients than spinal manipulation. Her patients were unfamiliar with the information they needed to understand what this new therapy that did not require forceful manipulation was about, and they surely did not come to her office that day for a lecture, so she began to write one-page essays in simple language to help them understand, and these grew into this book. In the meantime, more information kept coming to her, and she learned that she could do remote diagnosis and remote therapy. She no longer needed to have in-person patients lie down on a Chiropractic table or a massage table, and she taught patients about the importance of the pH of their saliva and urine. The premise of Mind-Body Therapy is that Stress causes illness. Just what illness and which stress - that is what the Mind- Body Therapy can learn through the method of The Search. The information in the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman is essential for this purpose To Dr. Giustini, Mind-Body Therapy seems to be a gift from God and she wishes to share it with students, patients, doctors, therapists, teachers, and teachers of teachers, for the benefit of mankind worldwide."