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Book Cover for: Mister Pushkin Breaks The Ice: 12 Wintery Tales, Ac Michael

Mister Pushkin Breaks The Ice: 12 Wintery Tales

Ac Michael

Two cats. Two people. Too many problems.
12 Wintery tales, told with humour, mischief and wit.
The 3rd collection of stories in the brilliant Tales of Mister Pushkin series.

Light-hearted and easy to read, these 12 WINTERY TALES are perfect for anyone who believes that cats have their own opinion on life.
Whatever your age, once you've stepped into the quirky world of Mister Pushkin (an adorable, opinionated cat), you'll never want to leave!
Ideal for children aged 8-13.

"Clever and witty!" - Awarded 5-stars by Readers' Favorite

A brief summary:

Mister Pushkin and Klem are creatures of habit. They know what they like, and what they don't like. That's why, mostly, they get on.
For a cat not used to being outsmarted, Mister Pushkin is in for a shock. But his acute observational skills serve him well.
He realises that trying too hard can often cause unimaginable problems. Sometimes he doesn't know why he bothers.
Mister Pushkin has the misfortune of attending a wedding. He hopes he'll never have to go to another.
Life would be so much easier if he was just an ordinary moggie...


Tale 25. Mister Pushkin Rules The Roost - An eventful outing to a chicken farm...
Tale 26. Mister Pushkin Sings For His Supper - Mister Pushkin finds his voice...
Tale 27. Mister Pushkin Skates On Thin Ice - Will Mister Pushkin save a duck from danger...?
Tale 28. Mister Pushkin Is Not Amused - Can Mister Pushkin tolerate a cat show on Christmas Eve...?
Tale 29. Mister Pushkin Blows A Fuse - Surely, Mister Pushkin isn't going to ruin another Christmas dinner...?
Tale 30. Mister Pushkin Breaks The Ice - Mister Pushkin tries to thaw relations between Emma and Ruth on Boxing Day...
Tale 31. Mister Pushkin Tries Not To Panic - An impromptu train journey has a terrifying destination...
Tale 32. Mister Pushkin Falls Into Temptation - On New Year's Eve, acute salmon deprivation demands drastic action...
Tale 33. Mister Pushkin Walks Down The Aisle - Mister Pushkin has an important role to play...
Tale 34. Mister Pushkin Washes His Face - Klem wonders whether Mister Pushkin could pay for his upkeep...?
Tale 35. Mister Pushkin Thanks His Lucky Stars - Will Mister Pushkin survive an encounter with dangerous dogs...?
Tale 36. Mister Pushkin Goes For A Spin - Surely, Mister Pushkin won't be outsmarted by a photographer...?

Many tales will leave you with a lingering smile, whilst others will induce a hollow laugh, or even a shiver of gratification.

You should read Mister Pushkin's stories for 5 very good reasons:

1. You'll never meet a feistier cat than Mister Pushkin, nor a cat with such a loveable owner, and so many problems.
2. Each tale consists of a single adventure, with Mister Pushkin learning new things, getting into trouble and having a lot of fun.
3. A different aspect of Mister Pushkin's life is covered in each tale; every situation leading to hilarious results.
4. Many memorable, inspiring and poignant themes are interlaced throughout the tales, which you'll pick up on subconsciously.
5. The tales are interconnected, a wider story building as each tale is read.

The cat who's always right!
(Except for when he's wrong).
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Here are a selection of brilliant reviews:

Liz Konkel (Readers' Favorite)
"Humorous, heartfelt and fun!"
"The writing is clever and witty."
"Whimsical tone and light-hearted humour brings Mister Pushkin to life."
5 out of 5 stars!

Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Feb 20th, 2020
  • Pages: 156
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.36in - 0.39lb
  • EAN: 9798601232531
  • Categories: Short Stories (single author)