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Book Cover for: Multiferroic Characteristics of Nanopowders and Nanocomposites Based on Barium Titanate, Mohammad Arshad

Multiferroic Characteristics of Nanopowders and Nanocomposites Based on Barium Titanate

Mohammad Arshad

In the present era, emerging technologies need current-carrying electrical components that are universally good in functionality and durability with low power dissipation. The growing demand for non-volatile, faster, multifunctional memory and logic devices with small sizes inspired the scientific community worldwide. Recently, many have been inspired by spintronics, particularly the usage of micro- electromechanical systems that analyse the control of the magnetic (spin) state via electric fields and/or vice versa. Such a phenomenon utilizes the intrinsic spin of electrons instead of their electronic charge for data storage. In light of this, the next- generation electronics devices, including solid-state transformers, very sensitive dc and ac magnetic field sensors, electrically tunable microwave filters, and electromagnetic-optic actuators, need to be smaller in size with the coexistence of various order parameters, i.e., magnetization, polarization, and strain. A special class of materials that unite these ferroic orders is termed as multiferroics. Multiferroic materials are those that coexist and are connected with more than one ferroic order. The subset with ferroelectric and magnetic order is the most interesting magnetoelectrics.

A single-phase multiferroic material is one that possesses two or all three of the so-called "ferroic" properties, i.e., ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity, and ferroelasticity. The term "multiferroic" was first used by Schmid. However, the coexistence of magnetism and ferroelectricity is primarily described as multiferroics in current study and literature. On the other hand, ME coupling is possible regardless of the magnetic and electric order characteristics; for instance, ME can happen in paramagnetic ferroelectrics. ME coupling may also develop between the two order factors directly or indirectly through strain. The magnetic and electric order parameters emerge in different but closely related phases in the strain-mediated indirect ME coupling. Due to its potential applications in industry, magneto-electric multiferroics have attracted increasing attention from the scientific community.

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  • Publisher: Mohammed Abdul Sattar
  • Publish Date: Feb 28th, 2024
  • Pages: 264
  • Language: English
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