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Book Cover for: Multiracial Whiteness In The Ancient Black African World, Y.

Multiracial Whiteness In The Ancient Black African World


The ancient world, though presented as far too behind, was the most important time in history. It was during this era that our ancestors, whether black, white or multiracial, placed the foundations for the modern world which exists today. If nations such as the United States or Israel developed tough concepts regarding racial qualification in order to preserve the supremacy of their institutions, the ancient inhabitants had a much more fluid approach when it came to identity. The latter was not defined through race and skin color but rather by shared customs, languages and values between a certain category of individuals. One could only be identified through lineage and not color. From that specific time already, white descendants of black Africans remained in Africa, and their whiteness did not bother their black counterparts who knew that they were the fruits of racial admixture between their forefathers and white groups who had settled in the Mediterranean. The same way, the Canaanites and black North Africans were also the first to embrace the idea of multiracialism and multiethnicity for living by the coast.
This book explores the presence of white groups who lived in the ancient black world, whether they were mixed-race or assimilated into black African culture.

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  • Publish Date: Mar 7th, 2023
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