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Book Cover for: My Cup Runneth Over: NaNa's Pearls of Wisdom, Naomi K. Pettiford

My Cup Runneth Over: NaNa's Pearls of Wisdom

Naomi K. Pettiford

NaNa's Pearls: Wisdom for Life's Journey" is a timeless collection of spiritual insights and reflections, curated by Naomi K Johnson, a wise and seasoned Missionary & Mentor, to guide readers through the twists and turns of life's winding path. Rooted in faith and steeped in profound wisdom, this book offers a treasure trove of pearls of wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of lived experiences and deep spiritual insight.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of biblical principles, personal anecdotes, and spiritual insights, NaNa imparts timeless truths that resonate with the human spirit. Whether facing trials, seeking direction, or simply longing for encouragement along life's path, readers will find solace and inspiration within the pages of this book.

As readers journey through the pages of "NaNa's Pearls," they will discover the transformative power of wisdom, the boundless grace of God, and the unshakeable faith that sustains us through life's trials and tribulations. NaNa invites readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and deeper intimacy with the Divine with each pearl of wisdom. So, take hold of this precious treasure and let its wisdom illuminate your path as you journey through the seasons of life.

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  • Publish Date: Apr 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 204
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About the Author

Hill, Jaimel D.: - Jaimel D. Hill, a US Army veteran from Pittsburg, California, is a multifaceted individual. He is a dedicated father, loving husband, and dynamic serial entrepreneur with a portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships. With over two decades of experience, Mr. Hill has made significant strides in strength and conditioning, serving as a performance trainer and multi-sport coach at the youth, high school, and college levels.His journey took a transformative turn in 2016 when he expanded his expertise into life coaching and established the brand #DBWT-Don't Be Wasted Talent. This brand embodies his commitment to preventing wasted potential and fostering purpose-driven lives. Under his guidance, numerous mentees have reached prestigious heights in various fields, including the NFL, NBA, military, and other notable professions like coaching, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and teaching.Mr. Hill's influence extends beyond individual mentorship; he actively contributes to community development by participating in nonprofit boards and founding his 501(c)3 organization, Youth Dreams To Reality, which empowers young individuals to achieve their aspirations.In his affiliations, Mr. Hill is an integral part of Catch The Vision Ministry and is affiliated with M.A.N C.A.V.E and Our Black Fathers Committee (OBFC). As a brand ambassador for Alpha Gentleman Lifestyle Development, under the mentorship of Thurston M. Smith, and a certified facilitator of the Nurturing Fathers Program by Mark Perlman, MA, he imparts essential parenting and nurturing skills to men, reinforcing his commitment to positive community impact.In the business realm, Mr. Hill is the Vice President of Smoke & Sip International, a business networking organization that caters to cigar enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. His role is pivotal in driving operations, spearheading content creation for social media monetization and growth, organizing events, and contributing to the development of S&S LLC as a distinguished boutique cigar brand.Mr. Hill's accolades and contributions to his community and beyond illustrate a legacy of leadership, mentorship, and entrepreneurial success. His life's work is a testament to his unwavering dedication to fostering talent and nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.To learn more about Coach Hill's journey and insights or to connect with him, follow his social media platforms and reach out directly: Cellphone: 602.367.4659Email: coach.jhill@gmail.comInstagram: dbwt.365Twitter: coach_u_upFacebook: Jaimel D HillYouTube: @UnclePopsJaimel D. Hill continues to inspire and lead with a clear vision and purpose, shaping a brighter future for individuals and communities.
Pettiford, Naomi K.: - "Although I "shun" most opportunities to "talk about myself," from my breach of birth, childhood memories and experiences, "coming-of-age" life lessons, affairs of the heart, and religious introduction to my Spiritual awakening and maturity, I can only define it as PURPOSE. My memories and experiences being etched into my mind are often "replayed" like a movie series on a cellophane reel.I became an avid reader at age 3. From then on, I have concluded that every experience, crossroad, and choice, regardless of the consequences, can be summed up as "working for my good." (See Romans 8:28: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.") I am intensely interested in most things related to the "mind." In my post-high school education, I applied myself enthusiastically to my studies of Psychology and related courses: Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, and Transcendental Meditation. To me, religion-or religious beliefs-are akin to psychological discourse: they affect one's thinking before influencing one's behavior or way of life. My relationship as a spiritual being is an ongoing process in biblical studies and personal experiences of faith, divine "gifts" of enlightenment, prayer, and discernment. As time and opportunities present themselves, I have been privileged to give testimonies relating to what I have personally experienced. The "PEARLS" are a result of inflections/or responses to personal, social, cultural, and historical events I have lived through. The value placed on all these are like precious gems to me - for they have been processed like natural pearls, having been exposed to "living bacteria," protected by a "Covering" which has endured 'hardening' - that resulted in a "healed" mollusk. (I, too, have a "SHELL" that protects me from untoward elements.)"

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