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Book Cover for: My Little Pony, Vol. 2: Smoothie-Ing It Over, Celeste Bronfman

My Little Pony, Vol. 2: Smoothie-Ing It Over

Celeste Bronfman
The adventure continues for the new generation of ponies! The Mane Five face a challenge from Equestria's past while learning important lessons about friendship!

Sunny, Izzy, Zipp, Pipp, and Hitch must search for clues about Discord's past if they hope to figure out where he's hiding the Pegasus Crystal. But just because all of Equestria's in danger doesn't mean there's no time for side quests!

Hitch gets overwhelmed offering a helping hoof to everypony in town, until he learns it's okay to say neigh--err, no. Then, in a flashback see how the five friends first met, as they all struggle to blend into their new lives, while Sunny struggles to blend smoothies! Will her new friend Izzy be a help or a hindrance?

At last, our ponies find the information they need, but they haven't been this divided since Equestria was reunited! Can they work out their problems in time to save the day?

Ride along on stories of fun, friendship, action, and amazement, from writers Celeste Bronfman, Stephanie Williams, and Shauna Grant, joined by artists Amy Mebberson, Heather Breckel, and Andy Price. Collects issues #6-10 of the ongoing series

Book Details

  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Publish Date: Sep 5th, 2023
  • Pages: 120
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 0.00in - 0.00in - 0.00in - 0.81lb
  • EAN: 9798887240503
  • Recommended age: 09-12
  • Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels - Media Tie-In