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Eric Huang

Do you think you have a pretty good understanding of the natural world? Because OH NO YOU DON'T!

The world around us is full of life--and not just in nature reserves and national parks. There are plants, animals, and all kinds of living things right in your town or city. They live in your backyard, in your house, and even inside you!

No matter where you call home, nature is there. You just have to look for it. But how much do you really know about nature?

For example, we all know that. . .

  • The dinosaurs that roamed the Earth before humans are all extinct
  • Plants can get all the energy they need from sunlight
  • Spiders are insects. . . and creepy
  • AND that sharks are fearsome predators. . .

Do we...? Because... OH NO THEY AREN'T!

These commonly held misconceptions about nature are everywhere, but none of them are true! In Oh No They Aren't: Nature, commonly held misconceptions about nature, from animals to plants, fungi, bacteria, and even prehistoric creatures, are proven wrong. This myth-busting guide to planet Earth and all its wonderful life is an irreverent, fun, and enriching way to learn about biology.

Stylishly designed and humorously illustrated by Sam Caldwell, Oh No They Aren't: Nature is a hugely entertaining and trendy take on important STEM topics for kids. This myth-busting series makes science and nature accessible to everyone, taking an alternative and gripping approach to teaching the facts about our world. Dive in to learn what else you thought you knew that is completely WRONG!

In the Oh No They Aren't. . . series popular misconceptions in science and nature are dispelled, busting myths about the world we live in! For hilarious history and popular culture myth-busting, check out the Oh No They Didn't companion series.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Words & Pictures
  • Publish Date: Jan 7th, 2025
  • Pages: 64
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.27in - 6.30in - 0.13in - 0.77lb
  • EAN: 9780711292772
  • Recommended age: 07-09
  • Categories: Science & Nature - Earth Sciences - GeneralGames & Activities - Questions & Answers

About the Author

Eric Huang is a podcaster, writer, start-up mentor and university lecturer. He reads a lot, loves museums, nature, and art history. He worked as an editor and book publisher for 20 years with roles at Disney Publishing, Penguin Australia, Penguin UK, and LEGO Books--then joined digital agency Made in Me and became a children's media consultant, and now a children's author.

Sam Caldwell is an illustrator who lives in Glasgow with his wife and two cats, Tonks and Luna. He grew up in the north of England and studied painting at the Edinburgh College of Art. He loves inventing characters and creating images packed full of detail, texture, and color. He is passionate about animals and nature and, when not drawing, can often be found exploring the Scottish Highlands.

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