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Book Cover for: Nené: "A Legacy of Risilience: The Life of Felicia Encarnación Miranda Pérez (Nené)", Madelaine Jorge Miranda

Nené: "A Legacy of Risilience: The Life of Felicia Encarnación Miranda Pérez (Nené)"

Madelaine Jorge Miranda

Deep in my memory lies the image of a brave woman, a woman whose story deserves to be told.

Her name was Felicia Encarnación Miranda Pérez, but to everyone she will always be Nené, the silent force that sustained our family in times of adversity.

This book is a tribute to her, to her extraordinary life marked by love, struggle and resilience.

Through these pages, I wish to share his story with the world, so that his memory may live on and his legacy may inspire others.
Nené came from a great family, humble and kind people who struggled to survive in a world full of challenges. Her childhood in Jíquima de Peláez was marked by the closeness of his loved ones and the hard lessons of life in the country side. However, his innocence was cut short by a tragedy that would leave an indelible mark on his heart. His father, a hard-working man loved by all, lost his life in a tragic accident.
I remember the stories he told me, how that day someone visiting the house manipulated an apparently empty pistol, without knowing that a bullet was stuck inside. The trigger was accidentally pulled, and the bullet hit my grandfather. Blood flowed as everyone desperately searched for the source of the gunshot, but it was too late.
This traumatic event marked the beginning of a difficult childhood for Nené, a girl who had to learn to be strong from a very early age.
Despite the financial and emotional difficulties her family faced, Nené found comfort in the ties that united her to her loved ones.
The solidarity and love they shared with each other were a balm for the pain and sadness that flooded their lives. His childhood was a mixture of joy and struggle, of moments of ephemeral happiness among the harsh realities of the countryside.
I remember how he used to tell me about the days he spent helping on the family farms, cultivating the land under the warm Caribbean sun and sharing laughter and games with his brothers and cousins. Despite adversity, Nené never lost her optimistic spirit or her faith in a better future.
Her determination to overcome difficulties and provide a dignified life for her family led her to face each day with courage and hope.

She was the light in the midst of darkness, the silent force that sustained her family with unconditional love.
Through her example, we learned the true meaning of resilience and kindness, lessons that would accompany us throughout our lives.

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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Apr 11st, 2024
  • Pages: 106
  • Language: English
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