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Book Cover for: New Tide of Natural Product Chemistry, Hayato Ishikawa

New Tide of Natural Product Chemistry

Hayato Ishikawa

This book highlights recent research and advances in natural product chemistry written by promising young researchers in this field who have played a central role for recent innovative advancements.

The book consists of seventeen chapters covering novel bioactive natural products, uncovering life phenomena with natural products, biosynthesis of natural products, total synthesis of complex natural products by innovative strategies, and drug discovery using natural products. Each chapter begins with a brief and easy-to-understand introduction, then presents the cutting-edge research in each individual specialty.

This book is not only a practical and essential reference resource for natural product chemists, medicinal chemists, synthetic organic chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, but is also a useful guide to understanding new and emerging trends in this field.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Springer
  • Publish Date: Jun 21st, 2024
  • Pages: 377
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2023 - undefined
  • Dimensions: 0.00in - 0.00in - 0.00in - 0.00lb
  • EAN: 9789819917167
  • Categories: Chemistry - OrganicLife Sciences - Biochemistry

About the Author

Hayato Ishikawa received his Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Science from the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science in 1999. He received a Ph.D. degree from the Chiba University under the supervision of Professor Hiromitsu Takayama and Professor Norio Aimi in 2004. After postdoctoral work (2004-2006) with Professor Dale L. Boger in The Scripps Research Institute, he was promoted to the rank of assistant professor at the same institute (2006-2007). In 2007, he moved to the Tokyo University of Science as assistant professor. In 2011, he moved to the Kumamoto University and was promoted to associate professor. And he promoted to full professor at Kumamoto University in 2018. He joined the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University in 2021 as full professor. He is a recipient of the Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan (2013), Thieme Chemistry Journal Award (2013), and Chemist Award BCA from MSD Life Science Foundation (2016). His research focuses onthe natural product chemistry including isolation, structure elucidation and total synthesis.
Hiromitsu Takayama received his Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Chiba University in 1977 and his PhD from the same university in 1982. After completing postdoctoral work (1982-1984) with Professor Ekkehard Winterfeldt (Hannover University, Germany) courtesy of the financial support from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, he joined the research group at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University as a research associate. He joined the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University in 1986, and was promoted to associate professor in 1994 and to full professor at Chiba University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2004. He has been an emeritus Professor at Chiba University since 2020. He is a recipient of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotions (2004), The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy Award (2015), andThe Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award (2018). His research interests include the survey, total synthesis, and medicinal chemistry of biologically active natural products.