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Book Cover for: Newlyn, S. L. Davies


S. L. Davies

It's the feeders and feedees night and Newlyn is in his element.

Newlyn has had the facebook group for feeders and feedees for years, they've tried to get together but it's hard. A lot of the feedees often feel the stares that come their way with being voluptuous people. Newlyn loved them all. The bigger the better. He didn't understand why feeding someone got him off, it just did, there was something about watching a big man or woman eating that had him hard as steel. But now that Asher had organized a night for just feeders and feedees he knew that he was going to get the opportunity to play.

Brielle wanted to be loved. She wanted to feel the same sense of adoration from someone, like Tanquil did with her mates. But being a BBW most definitely didn't fit into a lot of peoples view of sexy. She'd belonged to the feedee and feeders facebook group from the beginning, so when Newlyn created an event at KINK she knew that she had to attend. This was her chance to perhaps meet someone that understood her and found her sexy.

Beau was excited about the feedee night. He'd been talking to Newlyn about it for months. Being a gym owner he didn't get the chance to see many men or women that were his ideal of attractive. But when Tanquil rang him to complain about one of his trainers mistreating a woman in his gym, he found the woman of his dreams. Brielle. Now he just had to meet her.

Einar and Newlyn had been friends for kids, having grown up in the same foster home. They discovered they had the same taste in partners. The bigger the better. Einar loved everything about his role as a feeder. It wasn't just about watching someone eat, it was about providing for them, it was the moans they made when that delicious food hit their tongue. It was in the way their throat swallowed the food. As far as Einar was concerned, fat wasn't an insult. Fat was sexy and he couldn't wait to meet the others that he'd spent years talking to.

Robbie didn't fit in anywhere. He was a fae but didn't look like all the other fae that he'd grown up with. He was bullied and teased about his weight, but it didn't matter what he did to try to lose it or workout that extra fat didn't shift. He'd been attending KINK for a while, in secret. Robbie loved the anonymity about the club. He could go and situate himself in one of the private rooms and know that there would be someone that would be willing to fuck him. Even if it was for one night, he was made feel special.

This is a Reverse Harem Paranormal romance. There are scenes and language that could be considered triggering. Language and themes suited to 18+

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  • Publisher: S L Davies
  • Publish Date: Sep 15th, 2022
  • Pages: 94
  • Language: English
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  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.23in - 0.28lb
  • EAN: 9798227611888
  • Categories: LGBTQ+ - BisexualRomance - Action & Adventure

About the Author

Davies, S. L.: -

S L Davies is an Australian Author living in Country, Victoria. She is inspired by the world around her.