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Book Cover for: Nigeria's Electricity Troubles: Why Tariff Hikes Are Unjust, Julius Afolalu

Nigeria's Electricity Troubles: Why Tariff Hikes Are Unjust

Julius Afolalu

Did you know that Adebayo Adelabu, the power minister in Tinubu's government, has a degree in accounting and all his experiences are in the banking sector? He doesn't know much about electrical engineering or any pure science subject.
In Cuba, electricity tariffs are highly subsidized, with residential consumers paying very low fees for electricity. Also, in the Netherlands, the government controls things like water, electricity, and gas, not private companies. Other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Germany also have the government running their power sectors and giving subsidies to help keep costs low.
Even in places like Europe, having electricity is super important, especially when it gets really cold in the winter. If heating costs go up too much, it can be dangerous for people. Even though big organizations like the IMF and World Bank say it's not a good idea, countries still give subsidies to help with electricity costs.
Let's not forget Obasanjo, who privatized NEPA to his friends at very low prices, even though it was public property. He had no reason to privatize NEPA when many countries maintain power supply through government ownership, as mentioned above and explained in this book.
This book talks about how Obasanjo was ungrateful even though he got free education and healthcare when he was young. Awolowo, who introduced these benefits in 1955, helped Obasanjo when he was just 17 years old. But later on, Obasanjo took down the Welfare State that Awolowo had created, causing problems for many people now.
So, what can Nigeria do to improve this situation? It's definitely a multifaceted issue, but the first step is to delve into the root causes, the historical context, and the potential future outcomes. One way to gain more insight is by getting your hands on a copy of this book, or even accessing it for free on Kindle, and spreading the knowledge to others who are also concerned about the state of affairs.

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