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Book Cover for: On the Cusp: a Jewish Girl's Very, Very, Very Long Journey to Jesus, Shai Blumberg

On the Cusp: a Jewish Girl's Very, Very, Very Long Journey to Jesus

Shai Blumberg

On the Cusp is a combination of the author's testimony and memoirs, leading the reader through her innocence in the sixties and seventies, the tumultuous eighties and nineties, and the turning towards Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as Lord and Savior in the new century of the two thousands. There is an undercurrent of love and acceptance portraying an undeniable part of the Lord's patience and grace throughout the work, combined with His just nature. Growing up Jewish in the sixties and seventies in the shadow of J.F. State Park off Bond Boulevard in Southern California, there is a horsey element to the book as well, including Shai's's behind the scenes life as a polo girl, her aspirations to show jump, and the privilege of having a beautiful off the track Thoroughbred in her suburban backyard. Also reflected here are the struggles of growing up Jewish in a decidedly non-Jewish world. When Grandma Lizzie tells Shai about Jesus as a six year old, the seed is planted despite Shai's mother covering Shai's's ears and begging Grandma Lizzie to stop. Later, as an unhappy thirteen year old, Shai tries to connect with God on Christmas day, galloping her horse to Heaven's Point with Grandma Lizzy's New Testament tucked in her new saddlebags. But nothing special happens and Shai is left to navigate murky waters of adolescence and a chaotic adult life without any tangible connection with God for decades to come. On the Cusp portrays God's mercy, patience and great love for even the most foolish of us. So enjoy the nostalgia, fallenness and ample human error of it all, and bask in God's Amazing Grace, never forgetting that being on the cusp of Greatness, His Greatness, is an opportunity the Lord offers to everyone. Even the seemingly most hopeless of us.

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  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Publish Date: Apr 20th, 2023
  • Pages: 270
  • Language: English
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  • Categories: Memoirs