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Book Cover for: Overcoming Entitlement Mentality: ...How To Deal With The Evil Mindset Of Entitlement And Its Sentiments, Cornerstone Godwin

Overcoming Entitlement Mentality: ...How To Deal With The Evil Mindset Of Entitlement And Its Sentiments

Cornerstone Godwin

This book is benevolently forthright as it begins with a warning to readers about its acute toxicity to mediocrity and brutal antagonism to parochial sentiments. Thus, readers are forewarned to only read it at the risk of changing their old thinking patterns to a positive mindset. The author's warning is based on the fact that "Overcoming Entitlement Mentality" can offend the sentimental sensibilities of those who hate bitter truths and those who are still unprepared to face verifiable facts of life headlong, as well as those who are unready to take full responsibility for their lives and destiny.

Of a truth, it will provoke you to discomfort, and even anger - albeit to your benefit. It will change your mental attitude and furnish you with a higher mental fortitude needed for you to become brutally but profitably independent. Having read the warning and still reading it, it means you possess an open and unbiased mindset that can withstand the bitterness of some truths and the painful pierces of frank facts of life. For displaying such a mental fortitude, therefore, the author congratulates you accordingly and wishes you a very illuminating reading expedition.

The author explained how the gamut of trials, troubles, and tribulations as well as the pressures of life have combined to plunge a lot of people into psychological traumas and mental tensions. With some already sunk into depression and other forms of mental disorders coupled with the accompanying troubles and tortures, fear and anger are now rampant in our world today. As anxiety and uncertainty have long overtaken the world space, life has become not only unbearable but largely unlivable for not a few people. The crunching economic situation hasn't helped the matter either. The situation is such that so many people are contemplating suicide while others are on the verge of hatching similar heinous contemplations.

As a result of the heavyweight tensions and pressures of life, so many people are not thinking properly anymore. Many minds are now warped and trapped with many people's mentality permanently convoluted by the vicissitudes of life, hence the misplaced mentality-priority which is called, "Entitlement Mentality".

The author began by defining the evil mentality as a dangerous and grievous mindset that makes people feel owed by others, and entitled to things including favors and gifts. He goes on to show how the evil mindset makes people lay undue claim to whatever they want, just because they want it. He explained further how, as a convoluted mindset, "Entitlement Mentality" deceives beneficiaries into thinking of their benefits as rights and not as privileges. The author further reveals the mentality as the sponsor of ingratitude in most ingrates you see around.

He also established the fact that captives of this evil mindset are heavily sentimental in their acts and activities - as they view everything from the angle of parochial sentiments, not with the lenses of cogent reasons. He went on to state that a cardinal sentiment of this mindset is that it makes people think, feel, and believe others owe them something in life such as, help, assistance, sympathy, etc., and when such expectations are not met, they begin to display envy, jealousy, and even animosity - going as far as holding grudges against their target helpers and supposed benefactors. He also reveals the secret to overcoming this evil mindset which is by first accepting the fact that no one owes you anything: not even your spouse, children, relatives, and not even God - stressing further that you must begin to see whatever is done for you as an act of kindness borne out of compassion - that is, as a privilege, not as a right or an entitlement.

As you read and carefully examine yourself with the thoughtful knowledge of this book, you'll be able to not only overcome this evil mentality in your life but also in the lives of those around you.

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