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Book Cover for: Pacman Frogs as Pets, Lillian Vale

Pacman Frogs as Pets

Lillian Vale

The scientific name for Pacman frogs is Ceratophrys ornata, and they are horned frogs that are indigenous to South America. These frogs' unique look and very low maintenance needs have attracted a lot of interest and appeal in the pet business. The rounded body and wide mouth of the "Pacman frog" are evocative of the classic Pac-Man video game character. Their name refers to their ravenous hunger and capacity to devour anything that is almost half their size. Habitat and Origin Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and other South American nations are home to pacman frogs in the wild. Warm, humid conditions that resemble the tropical rainforests and grasslands of their original home are ideal for them. Being terrestrial in nature, these frogs spend the most of their time buried in soft dirt or leaf litter, where they wait to ambush their victim. Seasonal rains define their native environment, affecting their activity levels and breeding cycles. Evolutionary History Pacman frogs are members of the Ceratophryidae family, which is comprised of the genus Ceratophrys. The fleshy protrusions over their eyes give these frogs their distinctive "horned" look. Their considerable mouth size and this distinctive feature have developed to support their sit-and-wait predatory tactic. In contrast to many other amphibians that hunt for food, Pacman frogs wait for their prey to approach before snapping their big, strong jaws shut.

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