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Book Cover for: Parenting Teens with Bipolar Disorder: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Bipolar Teen, Dorothy T. Morgan

Parenting Teens with Bipolar Disorder: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Bipolar Teen

Dorothy T. Morgan

Are you finding it hard to understand and help your teen with bipolar disorder? It can be really tough, but you're not alone. "Parenting Teens with Bipolar Disorder" is a book that dives deep into what it's like for teens with bipolar disorder and offers kind guidance and helpful strategies for you.

For your teen, dealing with bipolar disorder can be really tough emotionally. They might feel like they're all alone, like no one understands them. They might feel ashamed or like they're not good enough, especially when they can't control their emotions or actions.

In the book, you'll learn about bipolar disorder in teens and how it's different from bipolar disorder in adults. You'll also learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms, so you can take steps to help your teen feel better.

The book covers a lot, like how to manage medications and therapy for your teen, and how to deal with other issues that might come up at the same time. You'll also learn how to create a stable and supportive home for your teen, with good communication and clear rules.

There's a whole chapter on how to handle crises and keep your teen safe, including what to do if your teen is thinking about hurting themselves or using drugs.

You'll also find tips on how to support your teen emotionally, like helping them feel strong and good about themselves, and how to help them make friends and handle their moods. As your teen grows up, you'll learn how to help them transition to adulthood with bipolar disorder.

Parenting Teens with Bipolar Disorder isn't just a book it's a guide for parents like you who are facing the challenges of raising a teen with bipolar disorder. It's full of expert advice and practical tips that will help you support your teen on their journey to feeling better.

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