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Book Cover for: Parkinsonian Democracy: A Legal Fiction Advocating Diet and Exercise for Parkinson's, J. D. Jerry Hurtubise

Parkinsonian Democracy: A Legal Fiction Advocating Diet and Exercise for Parkinson's

J. D. Jerry Hurtubise

"In his new novel, Jerry Hurtubise takes us on an educational adventure - by putting Parkinson disease on trial. Using a courtroom setting, the author makes his case for treatment options that go beyond the standard pharmacological response. In breaking down Parkinson's and other neurological disorders through a relatable and understandable narrative, this highly original, well researched work, is both an entertaining and informative read." - Davis Phinney, Olympic Bicyclist - Founder of Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's

"We applaud Jerry and his creative efforts to present compelling information about Parkinson's disease. In doing so, he raises awareness for the second-most common neurodegenerative disorder in the United States while educating the reader throughout this unique literary journey." - Brian Grant Foundation

"Ex'cell'ent" - Lisa Oei, DPT - Founder of PD-Connect

"Parkinsonian Democracy" redefines the struggle with Parkinson's disease, framing it within the gripping confines of a courtroom drama.

Trial lawyer Christian Cultura takes the helm, representing an unconventional client: the combined force of diet and exercise. His arena is the vast United States District Court of Public Opinion, and his mission is to persuade a doubtful audience of the efficacy of these natural allies in the fight against a disease that's gaining ground.

Cultura's courtroom battles are charged with tension and revelation as he lays out undeniable evidence and expert witness accounts. He aims to dismantle the skepticism surrounding lifestyle adjustments and their role in mitigating Parkinson's debilitating advance. The book invites its readers to sit as the jury, to deliberate on the evidence presented with each turn of the page, engaging them in the narrative of scientific exploration and personal empowerment.

Embarking on this journey, readers witness Cultura's fervent plea for a "Parkinsonian Democracy" - a vision of a community that prioritizes autonomy and quality of life for those facing Parkinson's. In this world, daily choices become acts of defiance against the disease, and society unites in the belief that self-care is both a shield and a weapon. Until a cure emerges, this legal thriller champions the cause, empowering readers to be part of a collective movement for wellness and dignity in the face of Parkinson's.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Winterwolf Press
  • Publish Date: Nov 24th, 2023
  • Pages: 294
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.66in - 0.96lb
  • EAN: 9781947782150
  • Categories: MedicalLegal
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