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Book Cover for: Pebbles in My Shoe: Three Steps to Breaking through Interpersonal Conflict, Linda P. Outka

Pebbles in My Shoe: Three Steps to Breaking through Interpersonal Conflict

Linda P. Outka

Do you need a breakthrough?

Do you have a difficult person in your professional or personal life? Is there a conversation you know you should have but don't want to risk damaging the relationship? Would you like to move past the pain into a more productive relationship?

Relational hurts are like pebbles in our shoes. Strained relationships, failed conversations and unresolved conflicts drain our energy and sabotage our success.

Business coach Linda Outka has been effectively resolving conflict for more than 20 years. Through real-life stories and practical principles, Linda reveals her proven model of conflict resolution. As you read you will discover how to:

- Break through conflict using three clear steps

- Understand conflict land mines and how to avoid them

- Prepare for an effective conflict resolution conversation

- Learn principles that keep defenses low throughout the conversation

- Develop a more fulfilling relationship as a result of a conflict resolution conversation

Book Details

  • Publisher: Author Academy Elite
  • Publish Date: Dec 29th, 2016
  • Pages: 144
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.00in - 0.38in - 0.59lb
  • EAN: 9781943526864
  • Categories: Conflict Resolution & MediationConflict Resolution

About the Author

Outka, Linda P.: - Linda Outka is a certified coach, speaker and trainer. She is the founder of Breakthrough Solutions, Inc. which creates space where people feel safe to be real and discover new insights that open doors to their potential. Linda is also a founding partner on the John Maxwell Team of coaches, speakers and trainers. Linda has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a Master of Arts in Human Resource Leadership from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California. She also has a number of certifications in team building and coaching instruments. Connect at
Praise for this book
Time to get free By Kary Oberbrunner on November 28, 2016 When there's more than one person in a room, there's potential for conflict. Differing opinions, diverse personalities, and varied expertise are all part of the formula that makes disagreements a common occurrence. Although conflict can derail a team or a family-it can also become the catalyst for more fulfilling relationships. The distinction depends upon whether you work around the conflict or through it. At times it may seem easier to avoid the issue and the person we're in conflict with. But unfortunately, the problem doesn't go away by simply ignoring it. Author Linda Outka is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the journey to breaking through the conflict that drains your energy and diffuses your focus. The path may seem elusive, but Linda's three-step plan is proven to resolve conflicts and restore relationships. Pebbles in my Shoe is a bold journey down a proven path. Linda has been helping people work through conflict for more than 20 years and it's her passion to create a safe space for people to achieve breakthrough in interpersonal relationships. I have been coaching Linda for over five years. No joke, the first time I met her, I found her heart for conflict resolution infectious. To this day I've never met anyone more committed to helping individuals and organizations turn potentially devastating situations into turning points for internal and external change. Linda has a God-given gift that she shares with us through this book that I now consider her OPUS. You and your relationships will benefit from this master coach and teacher. But like anything in life, knowledge alone won't renew your relationships. Wisdom will only be embodied as you practice and apply these principles in your everyday life. If you're ready to get "pebble-free" personally and professionally keep reading. It's your time for a breakthrough solution. --Kary Oberbrunner, Author of Elixir Project, Day Job to Dream Job, The Deeper Path and Your Secret Name CONFLICT! It's something we'd all like to avoid but none of us can. Pebbles in My Shoe tackles a tough topic beautifully. Linda outlines a simple and very effective way to address and resolve conflict so that relationships can flourish and individuals can find more peace. Well done! --Jeff Lautt, President, POET, LLC One of the great struggles in life is learning to navigate conflict. We've all been there, flooded by emotion, hoping, wanting, believing there's answers. Well, there is. Pebbles in My Shoe is a proven, step-by-step success manual. I wish I would have had it 20 years ago. --Dr. Keith Loy, Lead Pastor, Celebrate Community Church The tools introduced by Linda Outka provide a road map to navigating through conflict. With Linda's coaching, I've applied these principles to leading my company and they've moved our culture forward. --Sean Coffman, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, I attribute much of the success our company has had to a culture built on shared values. Those values are integrity, openness, respect for people and accountability. To actually get people to embrace a culture takes more than just tag lines, it requires serious skill building. In my view there is nothing more challenging than creating an environment that embraces effective conflict resolution. It is a skill that is critical to success, but difficult to implement. Linda Outka has developed strategies that are tangible and effective in exploring this critical component of business and personal success. --Michael Masterson, Retired CEO, Sammons Enterprises