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Book Cover for: Police Jujutsu, Hojo & Resuscitation, Eric Shahan

Police Jujutsu, Hojo & Resuscitation

Eric Shahan

A comparison of two illustrated Japanese police Jujutsu Manuals. One is from 1887 and the other is from 1898. They also include Hojo, police rope binding techniques, as well as resuscitation. These sixteen techniques were the official martial arts techniques of the Japanese police force until 1912 when the Meiji Emperor died and Jujutsu was replaced with Judo.

Background on the system:

Following the Meiji Restoration in 1868, the Japanese government founded a new police department, however they needed a martial arts system. A Jujutsu Consulting Group was founded in 1883 for the purpose of crafting Police Jujutsu. The group consisted of representatives from different schools of Jujutsu and they eventually compromised on a set of sixteen techniques. The techniques were decided based on real life situations police were likely to encounter.
In addition seven binding with rope, techniques were included along with five resuscitation techniques were included thereby equipping officers with the ability to respond to a wide variety of situations.
A book of the techniques were published in 1887 titled The Police Officer's Essential Illustrated Guide: Kenpo.
In 1898, another martial artist named Inoguchi Matsunosuke consulted with the original author, and received permission to make an expanded edition. Inoguchi hired an artist to draw new illustrations and greatly expanded the explanations. This second book was called Kenpo: An Illustrated Instructor's Manual and was published in late 1898.
Both manuals contain the same sixteen police Jujutsu techniques, however the focus was shifted away from techniques for law enforcement officers to a general self-defense method. Both books also contained information on how to bind people with rope as well as resuscitation methods which would have been necessary skills for police officers.
This book will combine both versions of the police Jujutsu techniques. Each technique will be presented twice, with the older version by Hisatomi first and then the newer version by Inoguchi.
This will show the evolution of how martial arts techniques were described.

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