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Book Cover for: Political Art of War: Winning Strategy for Local Campaigns, Sun Tzu

Political Art of War: Winning Strategy for Local Campaigns

Sun Tzu

Are you thinking of running for local office, but don't know where to start?
Start with shaping the most important weapon in the political strategists arsenal: the human mind.
This book is based on 2,500 year beta-tested and proven principles. Sun Tzu was a military strategist and General who defeated an army 10 times larger than his by using strategic agility.
Sun Tzu's treatise on military strategy has been studied in business school, sports, and of course in the Military Service schools and fighting units.

Now you can use it for your local election.
Why local elections? Because that's where these ideas work best and will give the reader a competitive advantage.

Master the concepts in this book, or be defeated by someone who has.

This is the guidebook used to help shape the political landscape in Florida since 2014. The author, Shawn R. Frost, has used this book to get bills passed, candidates elected, and help launch political committees and movements.

Frost's former clients, friends and colleagues regularly appear on FoxNews, NewsMax, OANN, Daily Wire, CNN, MSNBC, and in print everywhere. He considers himself to be a slightly smarter version of Forrest Gump in that he has had a front row seat to history. All because he mastered the mindset and skills contained in this book, and the courses at Science of Strategy Institute and he practiced and refined them at his consulting firm, MVP Strategy and Policy LLC.

Frost was named "Most Valuable Politico" (MVP) by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, Sen. Joe Gruters, for his efforts in the 2022 election.

This book spans parties and actually works best in local nonpartisan, and unitary, elections but works in partisan elections as well.

That's the thing about good strategy, it is universal in its effectiveness and timeless in its influence.
A note from Frost on his retirement as a consultant and transition to full-time writing and teaching:

I can't promise you will win 93% of the time like I did, but reading this book moves you in the right direction. You will know how to win your campaign, see a loss coming sooner, or win eventually by advancing your strategic position through a winning or losing campaign over time.
The purpose of this book, is to introduce those in political campaigns to the strategic principles of Sun Tzu's The Art of War and their use in political campaigns. You can make winning an instinct.
Here's what's different about this book:
It is two books in one. There is a line-by-line commentary in addition to the original Art of War (6th Century BCE- Sun Tzu- Public Domain) we acquired the permission to use Gary Gagliardi's award winning 2003 translation of Sun Tzu's Bing Fa or Art of War.
This builds on The Art of War plus the Art of Politics: Strategy for Campaigns by Gagliardi and Frost (2014)
We included a preface by Frost and foreword, Political Sun Tzu (R) Key Concepts throughout and End of Chapter Summaries" to the end of each chapter to highlight key points from the past 10 years on the political battlefield and hard-won lessons.

To make the Kindle version more readable, we made the Art of War version Times New Roman Font and indented the copy, and the Political Art of War (PAOW) version stanzas begin with PAOW in Calibri font fully left justified. In my opinion this has made it much easier to follow than otherl eBook versions and more closely matches the Audible version.
Enough time wasted on things that won't help you win your first or next election.

Let us know when you've won!
Shawn R. Frost
The Original Political Sun Tzu(TM)
Strategility(TM), Political Sun Tzu(TM), and Political Art of War(TM) are Trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office owned by MVP Strategy and Policy LLC dba Science of Strategy Institute 2024 All Rights Reserved

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