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Book Cover for: Practical Wisdom Quotes for Everyday Life: Inspirational and Motivational Wisdom Quotes for Mental Toughness, Resilie, Sandrine Nkouga

Practical Wisdom Quotes for Everyday Life: Inspirational and Motivational Wisdom Quotes for Mental Toughness, Resilie

Sandrine Nkouga

Reading unique quotes at the right time in your life uplifts your
mood, clears your mind, and brings ease to your decision-making
process. The essence of a quote is to give its readers insight, knowledge,
and truth in a small bite. Life is a journey, and this small enlightening
book will be part of it. This book is a collection of original quotes from
the author, Dr. Nkouga. Each quote derived from her life's
mountaintops and valleys. It is a collection of learned lessons
throughout her life journey that had helped her to understand people,
navigate difficult situations and live a fulfilling and happy life.
The objective of this book is to expand your understanding of life,
build your mental toughness and stimulate your mind. Faith, spirituality,
work/life balance, love, friendships, family, and mindset are all the
topics discussed in this book. Over 500 quotes that will give you a
glimpse into wisdom and mental clarity. The valuable knowledge
packed in this book will make you smile, laugh and giggle while
learning important life lessons. This collection of quotes will speed up
your emotional intelligence journey, empower you to become the best
version of yourself and spark the light on areas of your life you thought
had no meaning.
We are all amazing human beings with immense capabilities. We
are diamonds that need to be polished and refined, daily. I humbly hope
this book helps in your polishing process and gives you great insights
into yourself, life, and relationships. From self-love to relationships,
this book summarizes everything you need to know about life and its
versatility. Every quote brings its little contribution to your spirit, mind,
and soul's edification. Everyone needs guidance at some point in their
life, and I hope this book allows you to take better care of yourself,
brighten your day, make you smile while stimulating mental resilience
and toughness

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  • Publisher: Bookbaby
  • Publish Date: Jul 16th, 2024
  • Pages: 164
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Dr. Sandrine Nkouga is a wife, mother, writer, and medical
professional. She had worked most of her life in family and behavioral
health medicine. She enjoys reading and writing books, playing in the
mud with her kids, providing health-care services to her patients, and
writing her story to inspire other people around the world. She calls
Prairieville, LA, her home and enjoys the quiet lifestyle of the town. Her
life is about serving others in her home and around the world through
her work and writing. She loves to share her knowledge and wisdom
with the youngest generations, and she actively want to bring positivity
and inspiration around the world. She hopes to inspire others to accept
their flaws, embrace their faith, and live selflessly and fearlessly.