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Book Cover for: Practical Wisdom to Reign in Life: A Study of the Book of James, Don Griffin

Practical Wisdom to Reign in Life: A Study of the Book of James

Don Griffin

THE LETTER OF JAMES to the Church is one of the most unique and, to some, controversial letters of the New Testament. Often referred to as the "Proverbs of the New Testament," it is full of wisdom for everyday life. The central theme of every Book of the Bible is Jesus, but there is also a personal message in each Book that Christ Jesus is the Sufficient One, the Provision for every part and portion of our lives. He also wants to convey to every Christian that He is the Good Shepherd who watches continuously over His children. Finally, He wants to convey to His children that He loves us where we are, but He is unwilling to leave us where we are.

James offers Christians a choice between the wisdom of God and the wisdom of the world, continually driving home the point that mixing the wisdom of God with the wisdom of the world is being "double-minded." He points out that God only sends good, not judgment, into our lives. He moves from subject to subject on matters of Christian living and Christian behavior, causing us to examine our own level of Christian maturity.

When studying the Book of James, we may need to continually remind ourselves that "God is speaking to me." Too often, we fail to receive God's message for ourselves because we want someone else to change. James is not speaking to someone else. He is speaking to you and me.

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  • Publisher: Laurus Books
  • Publish Date: Mar 25th, 2019
  • Pages: 122
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781943523627
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About the Author

Griffin, Don: - DONALD GRIFFIN was born in a small South Georgia town. He is a seasoned businessman with a heart for writing and teaching the Word of God. Although his parents had very little formal education, they instilled in him three very important priorities for life: the Bible, prayer, and church. As a result, he accepted Christ at the early age of twelve. At the age of seventeen, Don joined the United States Air Force with the intention of seeing the world. Instead, he was stationed in South Carolina, less than three hundred miles from his home, and stayed there until his discharge. Don remained in South Carolina for the next ten years. During that time, he married, fathered three sons, and became a successful farmer of more than fifteen hundred acres of land. He and his family attended a small Methodist church where he taught a young couples' class and filled the pulpit when the pastor was away. Characterized by a lifestyle of seeking both the trappings of the world and the things of the Kingdom, his life began to slowly unravel. The cost was high, and at the age of thirty-three, Don had lost his marriage, his sons, and his business. He decided to return to his roots in South Georgia and found the long trip back home to be one of the most lonely, heartbreaking times of his life. Back home in Georgia, Don rededicated his life to the Lord Jesus but struggled to restart his business career. It was during this time of his life that Don met a beautiful young lady named Sarah Penny Mixon who owned and operated a very successful dance studio. Penny was also a casualty of divorce but was blessed to have exited her broken marriage with a precious daughter. Don and Penny soon married, and two years later, Penny gave birth to their son. Don continued to struggle in his efforts to establish his own business but rediscovered that God has a way of placing the right people into one's life when their trust is in Him. A successful insurance businessman came into his life and helped him establish an insurance agency of his own. Griffin Insurance Agency in Douglas, Georgia, was born. The early years were very difficult, but Don and Penny had learned that tough times have the power to build you up or tear you down. After much prayer, Penny made a decision to leave her own business and help her husband complete his dream. Hard work and perseverance have rewarded them with a very successful Insurance Agency. Don is now semi-retired and enjoys a great relationship with the love of his life, Penny, and all of their children. He is a living testimony that God can take a broken life and put it back together. Don and Penny are active in their church and enjoy teaching and ministering the uncompromised Word of God into the lives of His people. You can find more of Don's teachings at their website: Don may be reached via email:
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