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Book Cover for: Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue, Emma Daley

Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue

Emma Daley

This is a sci-fi fantasy book set in an ancient universe. Four destined characters run into each other by chance and discover their pasts connect them in a prophecy to destroy some of the universes most gruesome creatures. The mystery of Aniah's past begins to unravel when she meets a stranger in the desert outside her ranch on the planet Delucia. Strange things start to happen around the ranch and Aniah experiences horrible nightmares of a dark creature the longer this stranger stays and the more she begins to question her fathers disappearance years ago. This story takes you to other worlds and although the first novel offers a little more romance and mystery with some thriller, the other novels in the series have more action and adventure in them as the characters travel the universe and visit incredible worlds. Sample from the book: There is something frightening about the way a hateful, unknown creature looks back at you. The way its beady red eyes snarl at you, and it's cheek curls with a hiss to reveal the greedy canines beneath. It is one thing to dream of this beastly creature, and it is another to have it inches from your face, its warm ungodly breath on your cheek, and its pallid gray bones reaching to devour you. My name is Aniah, and once my world was safe. But like many others throughout the universe-and here on the planet Delucia-fate would have me meet with the Mangitori de Sangue; an ancient army of blood-lusting creatures who have been frightening and devouring the inhabitants of the universe for decades. My fate brings me deep into their world. In fact, it is written somewhere-and the stories have been told long before I was ever born-of a prophecy wherein a young woman with the heart and soul of an angel will lead the universe in a victory against the Mangitori de Sangue. I am that woman. I just have to stay alive long enough to figure out how.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: Nov 20th, 2010
  • Pages: 282
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.99in - 5.24in - 0.59in - 0.65lb
  • EAN: 9781452818788
  • Categories: Fantasy & Magic

About the Author

Born in American Fork, Utah in 1982, Emma always loved to tell stories. At the age of three, you could find her in the center of the kitchen table with a tape player in her lap, reciting her own creative versions of her favorite tales like "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Peter Pan". She began writing this series in 2008 when she finally decided to pursue those long forgotten dreams of being a writer. Emma is highly influenced by Greek mythology and such writers as Stephen King, Paulo Coelho and Edgar Allan Poe. Emma currently lives in Arizona, where her and her husband transferred with the United States military, and where she is working on the sequels in the Propheticus series. Emma had many experiences grown up that added to her incredible imagination. At one point in her life, under difficult circumstance her family of 11 was forced to live in a trailer parked in an old junk yard while her father looked for another job. "It was probably one of the best experiences for me actually. For a kid at the age of seven, everything was visual and creative. I told ghost stories in old silos, and fished in the irrigation ditch out back. There was this old crane int he yard that i used to climb to the top of and stare out over the small city we lived in. It was beautiful to me." Emma's family moved on from this little play yard for her, but as she grew up she never forgot her magical experiences and carried that over in her writing. She always kept a strong love for literature and stories.