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Book Cover for: Pump it up Magazine: Elissa Best - Legal Leader & Style Icon, Anissa Sutton

Pump it up Magazine: Elissa Best - Legal Leader & Style Icon

Anissa Sutton

Introducing "Pump It Up Magazine" your go-to source for energizing content that's guaranteed to boost your spirits and ignite your inspiration!

Get ready to dive into a world of empowerment and excitement as we showcase the incredible journey of Elissa Best, a legal powerhouse who's redefining justice and style.

Need Legal Representation? Look No Further than Elissa Best - The Ultimate Legal Powerhouse Redefining Justice in Style!

From her fearless victories in the courtroom to her impeccable fashion sense, Elissa's story will leave you feeling as pumped up as we are!

Plus, discover top workout tips to sculpt your abs and legs, explore the soothing world of sound frequencies, and test your knowledge with our engaging quiz on relationships. Whether you're seeking self-improvement, inspiration, or just a fun read, "Pump It Up Magazine" has something for everyone!

Remember, Pump It Up isn't just a magazine - it's a lifestyle. It's all about turning up the volume on what makes life exciting, inspiring, and fun. Whether it's discovering new stories, learning helpful tips, or connecting with like-minded individuals, Pump It Up is here to pump up your life with a little extra pep.

Enjoy the ride!

Your Friendly Editor-in-Chief,

Anissa Sutton

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  • Publisher: Pump It Up Magazine
  • Publish Date: Apr 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 34
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798869341440
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About the Author

Sutton, Anissa: - Anissa Sutton, widely recognized as @AneessaMusic in the music industry, is an influential figure celebrated for her multifaceted contributions across various domains: Pump It Up Magazine: As the driving force behind Pump It Up Magazine, Anissa leads a vibrant platform blending entertainment, lifestyle, and humanitarian causes. Through the magazine, website, and the official radio station, KPIU RADIO, she shares insights across music, wellness, fashion, and more, fostering engagement with an audience exceeding 20,000 dedicated subscribers.Collaboration with Michael B. Sutton: Anissa collaborates extensively with her husband, Michael B. Sutton, a prominent figure in the music industry as the former Motown producer, CEO of The Sound of L.A. Records, and esteemed music consultant. Together, they offer substantial support to independent artists, amplifying their influence within the industry.@AneessaMusic Persona: Under her @AneessaMusic persona, Anissa showcases her talents as a French-born singer and performer. Her captivating musical prowess resonates deeply with audiences, intertwining her artistic flair with her commitment to uplifting individuals through Pump It Up Magazine.Support for Independent Artists: Anissa's unwavering dedication to nurturing a supportive community for independent artists radiates through Pump It Up Magazine. Her array of resources, advice, and opportunities empowers budding talents, guiding them through the intricate landscape of the entertainment industry.Philosophy of Pump It Up: Beyond its role as a mere publication, Pump It Up Magazine encapsulates a belief system advocating for dreams, fostering groundbreaking achievements, and embracing life's boundless possibilities.Furthermore, Anissa Sutton is closely linked with significant ventures: The Sound of L.A. Records: Anissa and Michael jointly own The Sound of L.A. Records, an esteemed label in the music realm, demonstrating their dedication to nurturing emerging talent and leaving an indelible mark in the music scene.Editions LA: Serving as the publisher, Anissa focuses on bilingual book releases available at, promoting cultural diversity through Editions LA.Your Music Consultant: Anissa's expertise in music consultancy and branding, showcased via, provides tailored services supporting artists and brands within the music industry.Podcast "Pump It Up Magazine" Anissa hosts a podcast, accessible on Spotify and Apple platforms, featuring interviews with individuals aspiring to fulfill their dreams, amplifying their stories and aspirations. These ventures encompass Anissa Sutton's diverse involvements in entertainment, publishing, and music consultancy, accessible through their respective websites, offering a gateway to Pump It Up Magazine, KPIU RADIO, The Sound of L.A. Records, Editions LA (including the Bilingual Bookstore), Your Music Consultant services, and her musical persona @AneessaMusic, reflecting her substantial contributions within these realms.
Sutton, Michael B.: - Michael B. Sutton is a prominent figure in the music industry, known for his work as a producer at Motown Records and as the owner of Pump it Up Magazine, KPIU Radio and music editor of Pump it up Magazine. Born and raised in Oakland, Sutton was exposed to music at a young age, and it quickly became his passion. After completing his studies, he began working as a producer at Motown Records in Los Angeles, California. During his tenure at the label, he worked with some of the most iconic artists of the time, such as Michael Jackson, Thelma Houston, Smokie Robinson, The Temptations, The Four Tops. His work helped shape the sound of Motown and cemented its place in music history.In 2015, Anissa Boudjaoui founded Pump it up magazine, and in 2017, Michael B. Sutton met and married Anissa. Together they decided to join forces and he joined the publication of Pump it Up Magazine. Michael B. Sutton also owns KPIU Radio, the official radio station of Pump it up Magazine, and serves as the music editor of the magazine, providing his expertise and insights on the latest in contemporary funk and soul music. Sutton's passion for music and his dedication to promoting new and emerging artists has earned him a reputation as a visionary in the industry. He continues to be an important figure in the music world, and his contributions to the industry will be remembered for years to come. Get a dose of funk Therapy with Michael Follow For more information about Michael B. Sutton, please visit: http: //