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Book Cover for: Raising Cashmere Goat, Lillian Vale

Raising Cashmere Goat

Lillian Vale

Although they are not considered a separate breed, cashmere goats are valued for their capacity to produce the soft, light, and insulating cashmere wool. The undercoat or underlayer of hair produced by these goats is referred to as "Cashmere". Cashmere wool, which is highly prized in the textile industry for use in the creation of opulent clothing and accessories, is obtained by harvesting and processing this undercoat. Place of Origin and Dispersal Although they are found all throughout the globe, cashmere goats get their name from their origins in the Himalayan area of South Asia, namely in Kashmir. These goats have been raised and bred throughout history in a number of nations, including China, the cashmere wool producer of choice, Mongolia, Iran, and Afghanistan. The Physical Properties There are several common physical traits shared by Cashmere goats, despite the fact that their breed is determined by the kind of wool they produce rather than their conventional look. Their double fleece is usually composed of a rougher outer coat called guard hair and a finer, softer undercoat or underlayer. Cashmere wool is extracted from the undercoat. The color of these goats may vary greatly; they might be white, gray, brown, or black.

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