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Book Cover for: Recovery from Rumination Disorder: Beginners Helpful Tips & Techniques To Understanding, Coping, And Healing, Kennedy Albert

Recovery from Rumination Disorder: Beginners Helpful Tips & Techniques To Understanding, Coping, And Healing

Kennedy Albert

The symptoms of rumination disorder, also called rumination syndrome, include the involuntary regurgitation and re-chewing of previously ingested food, followed by the re-ingestion or spitting out of the material. This is not linked to a medical illness like GERD or any gastrointestinal disorder, and it usually happens within the first 30 minutes after eating.
Characteristics that define Rumination Disorder are:
- When a person regurgitates, they transport food that has been partially digested back up from the stomach to the mouth.
- Repeated chewing of food occurs after it has been regurgitated. This is typically an automatic process that they have no say over.
- After re-chewing, the individual can either re-ingest the food or spit it out.
- There is no medical reason for these actions; they are simply habitual and unintentional.
Without treatment, ruminative disorder can persist into adulthood from its normal onset in infancy or early childhood. Regurgitation causes a loss of calories and nutrients, which can have negative impacts on a person's physical health. Embarrassment, humiliation, and the avoidance of eating in public are only some of the social and psychological consequences.
Medical evaluation to rule out underlying medical issues, behavioral therapy (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy), and nutritional counseling are common components of treatment for ruminative disorder.
The purpose of treatment is to teach people how to stop obsessing and start making better food choices. The best results can be achieved with early intervention. Seeking professional medical or mental health assistance is recommended if you or someone you know may be experiencing Rumination Disorder.

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