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Book Cover for: Religious Terrorism Unraveling the Global Crisis, Divyansh Singh

Religious Terrorism Unraveling the Global Crisis

Divyansh Singh

"Religious Terrorism: Unraveling the Global Crisis," by Divyansh Singh provides a comprehensive exploration of one of the most pressing issues of our time: religious terrorism. Drawing on extensive research and deep analysis, this book offers readers a profound understanding of terrorism and the crises it poses to societies worldwide.

With 20 valuable chapters, the book delves into a wide range of topics, starting with the Historical Context, Ideologies, and Beliefs that underpin religious terrorism. It examines the origins and motivations of various Terrorist Organizations, shedding light on their structures and operations. The book also explores the intricate processes of Recruitment and Radicalization, investigating how individuals become entangled in extremist ideologies.

Tactics and Strategies employed by religious terrorists are thoroughly examined, as well as the sociopolitical factors that contribute to Religious Extremism. Counterterrorism Efforts and their effectiveness are scrutinized, providing insights into the approaches taken by governments and international organizations.

The book explores the Societal Impact of religious terrorism, highlighting the profound consequences it has on individuals, communities, and nations. Regional Perspectives shed light on the specific manifestations and challenges faced by different regions worldwide.

Other chapters discuss the interplay between History and Future Trends in religious terrorism, the Security and Geopolitics involved, and the role of Media, Propaganda, and Radicalization. The Psychological and Sociological Dimensions of terrorism are explored, uncovering the complex factors that drive individuals towards extremism.

Counter-Narratives and Prevention Programs are examined as essential tools in countering the spread of radical ideologies. The book also delves into the Policy and International Cooperation required to address the global crisis effectively.

The chapters dedicated to Victims and Aftermath provide a compassionate understanding of the experiences and challenges faced by those affected by religious terrorism. Ethical Dilemmas and Human Rights concerns in counterterrorism efforts are addressed, emphasizing the delicate balance between security measures and preserving civil liberties.

The book explores Future Challenges and Emerging Trends in combating religious terrorism, anticipating the impact of technological advancements, ideological shifts, climate change, and disinformation campaigns. It also showcases Personal Stories and Testimonials, amplifying the voices of survivors, former extremists, activists, religious leaders, and professionals involved in countering terrorism.

Ultimately, "Religious Terrorism: Unraveling the Global Crisis" concludes with a resounding Call to Action, emphasizing the individual, community, and global responsibilities in building a peaceful future. It advocates for promoting dialogue, understanding, and interreligious cooperation, strengthening international partnerships, empowering local communities, investing in education and socioeconomic development, and advocating for human rights, tolerance, and inclusion.

This book serves as an indispensable resource for policymakers, academics, researchers, security professionals, and anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of religious terrorism and the strategies to combat it. By shedding light on the complexities of this global crisis, Divyansh Singh provides readers with valuable insights and a compelling call to action in the pursuit of a more peaceful and secure world.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Divyansh Singh
  • Publish Date: Jul 2nd, 2023
  • Pages: 596
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 1.32in - 1.65lb
  • EAN: 9798223336266
  • Categories: Religion, Politics & StateReligious Intolerance, Persecution & ConflictGenocide & War Crimes

About the Author

Singh, Divyansh: -

Divyansh Singh is a talented and versatile author hailing from Lucknow, India. Born in July 2006, he discovered his love for storytelling and knowledge early on. Divyansh is a student of RLB Memorial School and has quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished writer. With a passion for non-fiction, his books cover a wide range of subjects including business, religion, education, technology, nature, and current affairs. Divyansh's captivating narratives and insightful perspectives make his books a compelling read for readers of all backgrounds. In addition to his writing career, Divyansh is actively involved in the business world as an entrepreneur and investor. With his diverse interests and boundless creativity, Divyansh Singh continues to inspire and engage readers with his thought-provoking works.