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Book Cover for: Remembrance: A Journey of Awakening, Manisha Holm

Remembrance: A Journey of Awakening

Manisha Holm

Remembrance chronicles the journey of 108 humans who travel across the galaxy to colonize a new planet called Airon. Upon arriving, the colonists, known as The 108, discover a world filled with wonders beyond imagination. The planet is inhabited by two indigenous species, the gentle, burrowing Narsis and the graceful, flying Eglans, who have lived in harmony for eons.

As The 108 establish themselves in this new home, their very presence tilts the natural balance between the native inhabitants. Cultural misunderstandings lead to rising tensions, culminating in a crisis that threatens the very fabric of life on Airon.

Despite their advanced technology, The 108 find themselves powerless in the face of this alien culture. Led by courage and insight, the Earthens come to realize that their usual strategy of exerting control is futile. Survival on Airon requires surrendering to the mystery and choosing cooperation over domination.

Through trust and openness, Earthen and Aironian learn from each other, blending their disparate worldviews into a broader understanding. Bonds form as all gain insight into their shared essence. What began in confusion, moves through turmoil, and concludes in tranquility, with the promise of a new society built on cooperation, forged from the union of two worlds.

Remembrance is a thoughtful exploration of humanity's eternal quest for place and purpose. It reminds us that wisdom is found by seeking unity rather than supremacy. This character-driven tale manages to be both profoundly moving and light-hearted, leaving the reader awestruck at the power of love to heal division.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Marilyn Holm
  • Publish Date: Oct 17th, 2023
  • Pages: 292
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.61in - 0.87lb
  • EAN: 9798987727348
  • Categories: Science Fiction - Space ExplorationNature & the Environment

About the Author

Holm, Manisha: - Manisha Holm explored life through a wide spectrum of careers, including shop girl, bank teller, bookkeeper, biology student, research immunologist, clinical researcher, medical writer, llama caretaker, flower farmer, and most importantly, devotee of wisdom, calmness, power, sound, light, joy, love, and peace.
Praise for this book

Carol H: I would want to read ANY book you wrote!! The vocabulary and richness of the descriptions and ideas are masterful!!!

Bharati B: I'm so impressed! I love your phrasing and word choices. The characters are engaging and, all in all, I'm left wanting more.

Vairagi K: I'm hooked! I feel I've been immersed in the consciousness of respect and positivity. I love how you deftly move between perspectives. Thank you for this gift of much more than a book. Well done!

Lakshman H: What you've written is wonderful. Interesting, creative, and with a worthwhile theme. Well done!

Lila Devi: You own your style with refreshing panache, and draw the reader into a world that is both familiar and foreign. Magically written!

Susan B: I love the strong women...

Cyndy H: Captivating from cover to cover.