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Book Cover for: Reset A New Standard of Living, Rhonda S. Blakeney

Reset A New Standard of Living

Rhonda S. Blakeney

There has never been a more urgent time in history to be aware of how we can improve our immune system function and better understand the influence modern living can have on our mind, body and spirit. When we know what we are up against internally and externally, the body and mind diet becomes more straightforward as a defence. The stark reality is that despite the many scientific discoveries and advancements over the past hundred years, we are facing a global health crisis. Preventable chronic diseases are being diagnosed at increased rates and much younger ages.

While genetics plays a role in 25% of our health, the remaining 75% is influenced by modern living and lifestyle choices. Harmful chemicals do not discriminate. They pose a threat to all, regardless of gender, economic status or political affiliation. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of where they lurk and to consider taking steps to avoid them.

Additionally, ensuring our natural detox pathways are open and providing our immune system with critically needed compounds by layering our meals with what I call the 'anti-army' can help reduce the overall risk to our health. Adjustments to how we manage our lives can radically impact our body's ability to remove the toxins we unwittingly ingest and carry. Although some of the data may be surprising, it is only through awareness that change is possible.

The attempt has been to collate a small slice of evidenced-based data to bring knowledge and attention to many of the chemicals we can avoid while highlighting scientifically verified data about crucial compounds that our immune systems and cells crave. These vital elements are easily obtained, affordable and bioavailable.

Once we fully grasp their value, we can effortlessly layer our meals to strengthen our immune system and better protect ourselves and those we love from preventable illness. Using evidence-based science as a guide can help us feel confident that efforts to detoxify our cells can lead us toward better mind and body health. Although only a handful of chemicals are mentioned in this book, they can be enough to prompt us to be mindful when moving forward.

While our edible diet influences our overall health, so does our mind's diet. What we absorb externally and feed our minds can significantly affect how we cope with life. Our emotions and senses play essential roles in our physical and psychological well-being. Concerns that arise from modern-day systemic shifts and societal worriment can also influence our ability to remain harmonious in mind, body and spirit. Part two examines scientific evidence related to emotions and senses and ways to strengthen our minds and our ability to stay balanced with internal calm.

Sometimes, when scientific studies are highlighted, it can be claimed that they have been cherry-picked to suit a narrative or that they are not objective when considering who performed or funded the research. Therefore, many references are systematic reviews or meta-analyses, which can capture decades of research and peer-reviewed studies from multiple internationally recognised medical and scientific databases.

Content Warning: Part Two, The Mind Diet, explores the emotional and physical impact of various forms of trauma, including sexual abuse and violence. While topics are explored to raise awareness and empower victims, the content may cause personal memories to surface. It can be confronting to discuss or read about traumatic sensory stories when childhood trauma or violence has been one's personal experience. Sometimes, having conversations addressing societal challenges head-on can open the door to healing and change. Still, one must be ready to confront these issues. Where trauma has been your experience, please read with due care and seek support if the content brings forward unsettling memories.

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