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Book Cover for: S P I R I T - Human Child Source of Trauma Hormones for Emotional & Consciousness Terrorism, Caraf Avnayt

S P I R I T - Human Child Source of Trauma Hormones for Emotional & Consciousness Terrorism

Caraf Avnayt

This is my own autobiography, detailing how I was used as a child of 8 and then 15 to produce trauma hormones for use to create the trauma atmosphere used for emotional and consciousness terrorism through the media and otherwise.

It is not the accepted story for a subject of ritual of such brutality and cruelty as I have been through, to even have survived so far, let alone speak without shame of it.

My name is Caraf Avnayt, and I write this book, to tell my true to my spirit story with Ed, who I love, and to share my understanding based on 39 years of being used as a source of trauma emotional energy, to help you understand:
- How trauma hormones have been used to keep you down, wreck your academics and career
- How the human hormone harvesting industry works
- How trauma energy is telecast through dreams and psychic telecasters and through the mass media
- How human hormones are used to seduce and trick humans into relationships for emotional energy harvesting
- How clones and lookalikes are used to gang-stalk, surround and intimidate humans
- How public figures are forced into the human consciousness through violence and assault on human ritual subjects
- The consciousness loopholes and deception that make us vulnerable to astral attack, energy draining and manipulation


The first level of terrorism is imposing through force a version of reality on someone, keeping as a reward for compliance, something they need for daily living.

Imagine someone constantly kept in trauma because her trauma hormones won't work unless she's kept in the frequency in which they were extracted.
Imagine having to change your clothes, have a bath, go to the toilet while you're being watched and ritual hammering and banging done for every move you make.
Imagine never have the privacy to touch yourself - for years - and when if you do, ritual hammering starts up.
Imagine if every tree you touch or take a photo of, is cut down the next time you come around. Every puppy you play with is killed, every thing you like, or have an emotional interaction with, taken away or killed.
Imagine if you are physically assaulted every time you fall asleep and shock-woken with physical assault every single time for years.
Imagine always waking up in pain, more devastated and tired than when you fell asleep.
Imagine if you're surrounded by people paid to *love* you but don't even like you, whose job you are. Imagine the tension.
They keep us in basic life trauma in captivity, and then cause wounds and pain to get the rush of life energy our bodies and systems sent to heal the pain.
Most humans simply cannot imagine that we're important enough as a person for this level of planning and plotting to be going on around us.
Most humans don't know that the most valuable thing on earth right now is the true emotion of the human heart, and the validation of a fake human as a human.
Once we realize that it isn't exactly our money or our vote, that they are after, or our virginity or whatever else the media has trained us to think is all that we humans have to offer; but that it is our soul energy - the only thing they cannot create in a lab - that they're after we begin to wake up to reality.

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  • Publisher: Caraf Avnayt
  • Publish Date: Aug 10th, 2020
  • Pages: 682
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 1.50in - 1.88lb
  • EAN: 9798201815455
  • Categories: WomenAncient Mysteries & Controversial KnowledgeOccultism

About the Author

Avnayt, Caraf: -

Caraf Avnayt is Mom to Gavriel and a Herbalist.

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