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Book Cover for: Savate Martial Arts: Exploring Inner Fortitude And Resilience: Peaceful Self-Defense Techniques, Grove Hervise

Savate Martial Arts: Exploring Inner Fortitude And Resilience: Peaceful Self-Defense Techniques

Grove Hervise

Savate is a French martial art that emphasizes agility, kicking, and hand and foot striking techniques. Its origins date back to the nineteenth century and can be traced back to self-defense and street combat in France. By integrating components of French kicking and Western boxing, Savate attains the status of an exceptional martial art with a discernible aesthetic.
The origin of the term "savate" can be traced back to the French vernacular term for an old shoe, signifying the artistic movement's inception among the French working class, where individuals would dispute with their feet. As time passed, savate evolved into a codified sport governed by specific regulations.
Practitioners of savate strike opponents with an assortment of kicks, jabs, and defensive maneuvers while attempting to avoid being struck. Savate is characterized by its emphasis on kicks, as practitioners employ various techniques including the chassé (front kick), fouetté (roundhouse kick), and coup de pied bas (low kick). Hand strikes, such as open-handed strikes and jabs, are also employed.
Savate is an art form that is employed for both competitive purposes and self-defense training. During competitive events, participants don gloves and footwear that are specific to the sport and engage in contests within a ring. Points are allocated in accordance with the precise implementation of techniques, whereby evaluators recognize strikes that are delivered against the opponent.
Savate is widely recognized for its emphasis on technique, precision, and agility, which renders it a formidable sport for individuals seeking to attain mastery while also serving as an effective self-defense martial art.

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