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Book Cover for: Scaling Cloud Finops: Proven Strategies to Accelerate Financial Success, Sasi Kanumuri

Scaling Cloud Finops: Proven Strategies to Accelerate Financial Success

Sasi Kanumuri

Responding to the escalating demands placed on organizations and enterprises as they navigate the intricacies of cloud economics, this book offers pragmatic insights for establishing a sturdy foundation for cloud cost management. Scaling Cloud FinOps empowers you with the knowledge and strategies to harness efficient cloud technology usage to proficiently manage cloud costs, refine expenditure, and implement robust, scalable Cloud FinOps practices. At the same time, it arms engineering leaders and executives with the necessary tools to foster a culture of cost awareness critical to greater profitability.

At the heart of the book lies author Sasi Kanumuri's #Piggy-Bank Framework, an innovative approach to cloud cost governance that offers a practical blueprint to streamline cost reporting, provisioning, and resource management through automation, efficiency, and overall financial performance. You'll also delve into the intricacies of the 6-factor formula, a proven approach to cloud cost management. From resource rightsizing and cost allocation models to automated guardrails and vendor management, each factor serves as a pillar to support your organization's financial goals.

Looking beyond numbers, Scaling Cloud FinOps will give you the tools needed to orchestrate a cultural shift that can permeate every aspect of your organization. You'll learn how to cultivate a cost-aware engineering culture in which financial policies give every team member the knowledge and motivation to make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency, unlocking significant cost savings and cloud financial excellence.

What You Will Learn

  • Cultivate a culture of cost awareness and accountability within engineering teams, fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making to enhance cloud efficiency.
  • Best practices from FinOps pioneers who've scaled world-class FinOps Teams at tech giants and startups into.
  • Explore unique frameworks enriched with real-world case studies, providing invaluable insights into effective cloud cost management (CCM).
  • Acquire expert techniques in cost optimization, automation, and vendor management, all proven to deliver significant savings and optimal efficacy.

Who This Book Is For

Professionals and leaders across the cloud, IT, finance, and procurement industries interested in streamlining cloud expenditures, cultivating a culture of cost awareness across the organization, and establishing robust cloud cost management strategies. Whether you're a novice or seasoned in FinOps practices, this book equips you with the tools to maximize the business value of your cloud investments.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Apress
  • Publish Date: Jul 22nd, 2024
  • Pages: 205
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798868803871
  • Categories: Distributed Systems - Cloud ComputingSystem Administration - Storage & RetrievalInformation Technology

About the Author

Sasi Kanumuri is a renowned cloud strategy and FinOps/ cloud economics expert known for his innovative frameworks and diverse skill set. With a deep understanding of cloud architecture and expertise in cloud infrastructure, Sasi specializes in driving high efficiency and optimization across organizations. He has a proven track record of achieving substantial cost savings and leading successful cloud migrations.

Sasi's thought leadership in FinOps has left a lasting impact on the industry. He has led FinOps teams at large companies like Slack, Lacework, and UC Berkeley, shaping the future of cloud efficiency programs and guiding organizations toward significant cost reductions. His expertise in vendor management and deal strategy has resulted in advantageous agreements and solid, long-lasting partnerships.

As a pioneer in cloud economics, Sasi bridges the gap between finance, procurement, operations, and engineering, setting new standards for efficiency programs and redefining industry norms. He continues to be a sought-after leader in the field, committed to customer success and ongoing innovation, empowering organizations to optimize their cloud investments and drive sustainable growth.

Sasi Kanumuri's unique "#Piggy-bank" framework for cost governance is at the core of his approach. This innovative framework gives organizations insights and knowledge to promote cost awareness and meaningful conversations about cloud expenditure.

Additionally, Sasi has trained and mentored numerous individuals in the cloud sector. He has a passion for continuous learning and a commitment to professional education. He's led educational sessions, workshops, and internal meetups, sharing expertise and empowering engineering teams to flourish and succeed.

Matthew Zeier is a veteran of supporting and running at-scale production services across some of the largest high-tech companies, including Mozilla, Apple, VMware, and Lacework. Early in his career, he recognized that managing cloud spend should be part of engineering culture and has worked to advocate for efficient cloud usage across organizations.

As a former network engineer-turned sysadmin-turned SRE leader, he can understand cloud usage and architecture across several discrete system components. Using Customer Happiness as his north star, he focuses on Platform Reliability and efficiency as two foundational elements of a FinOps practice. As an engineering leader, Matthew has supported small and large teams (70+) while supporting infrastructure and services with 12x user growth. He has done this while being hyper-aware of the economics behind those services.

As an automation fanatic, he coined #BeachOps as a framing device for automation to build for the lazy rather than the busy and to ensure engineers focus on the important over the urgent.