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Book Cover for: School of Global Missions Bible Survey Course: Old Testament 102 The History of Israel, Frederick Osborn

School of Global Missions Bible Survey Course: Old Testament 102 The History of Israel

Frederick Osborn

The School of Global Missions two-year course in Biblical Studies is designed to teach and train three groups: (1) those who are preparing to go to unreached people groups in foreign mission fields (2) for indigenous workers who need more teaching and training for the work they are doing, and (3) to provide materials for indigenous church planters to teach and train others for evangelism and church planting.
The School of Global Missions uses what is known as a Trimester Calendar for holding classes. In a trimester system, students have three terms of 12 weeks in each school year. The first year Biblical Studies in the Old Testament is presented in three segments, and the second year of Biblical Studies in the New Testament is presented in three segments.
This Professor's Syllabus includes everything necessary for each Trimester. However, it will be up to the individual teacher to review these teaching materials and decide what to emphasize in their class time (one hour). Whatever is not covered in the class, the students will be able study as homework assignments.
OT 102: THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL: PROPHETS, PRIESTS, AND KINGS is the Second Trimester (12 Lessons) of the first year:
The History of Israel: "Prophets, Priests, and Kings"
  1. Joshua and the Conquest of the Promised Land
  2. The Judges from Othniel to Samuel
  3. United Kingdom pt. one: Saul
  4. United Kingdom pt. two: David
  5. United Kingdom pt. three: Solomon
  6. Divided Kingdom pt. one: the Kings of Israel
  7. Divided Kingdom pt. two: the Prophets of Israel
  8. Divided Kingdom pt. three: the Kings of Judah
  9. Divided Kingdom pt. four: the Prophets of Judah
  10. Intro to the Major Prophets pt. one
  11. Intro to the Major Prophets pt. two
  12. The Exile: The Prophets Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi

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