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Book Cover for: Serenity and Back: Book One of "Whispers; a Cabal", Mustafa Hüdai Utku

Serenity and Back: Book One of "Whispers; a Cabal"

Mustafa Hüdai Utku

Whispers; a Cabal
Book One
"Serenity and Back"

All stories start somewhere around the breaking point of change. And change, by its derelict nature, oft has unexpected, and quite unwarranted consequences.However diverse, controversial, or inspired said change may be, it is what we do when it arrives that matters. We may resist it, go along with it, embrace it, or even try and ignore it.

Whatever course of action we might choose to adopt, and in whatever flavor change may come, or how earth-shaking we may believe it be, it is not really in the change itself, but how we man up and own, or defy the consequences of our choices, hence our deeds, that will inevitably, and perhaps, irrefutably reveal, and consequently, define who we truly are.

Our story begins in a lovely and scenic town of Serenity Home, a namesake for its very purpose, founded some four hundred and eighty years relative to now, that grew over the centuries but just didn't want to become or eventually evolve into a city. Now, what made this peaceful town particularly important, or stand out among its peers was not only the fame its founders enjoyed, as much as the foresight of said founders.

When the wise and somewhat elderly men and women first gathered, they wanted a place where they could find peace and serenity, in a 'retire' sense, and at a location as far away from the conflicts of men and not, as possible, but also without altogether isolating themselves from the world.

Hence they considered all the likely potentials, skimmed over and discarded the lot of them for various geo-political and accessibility reasons until they found the sweet spot of the Kingdom of Isles; a piece of land with a vast stretch of beautiful and quite bountiful greens to the north called the Ritual Forest that entertained a large community of the aloof wood elves, just to its east was the breathtaking and oft misty valley of Gull's Perch that homed the very shy and remote fey, not too far south dwelled the ingenious and artificing gnomic communities called Silent Hills and Tinker Hills, and there were the obstinate and very much scowling dwarves, also, always mining above and under the rocky Scowling Hills to the west and running right by this quaint bit of land was the joyously flowing waters of The Great Arashkan River...

Centuries after its founding, Serenity Home would grow rich and flourish and accept any and everyone; elf, human, dwarf, or gnome who would come here to live in peace and harmony, and at times, even some 'things' that weren't quite an elf, human, dwarf, or gnome.

It is here, in this happy town of Serenity Home our story begins...

...along with changes, choices, deeds, and consequences.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: Apr 10th, 2024
  • Pages: 536
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 1.19in - 1.71lb
  • EAN: 9798321124819
  • Categories: Fantasy - Action & Adventure