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Book Cover for: Sharpshooters at War: Defending Arcadia, Daniel Taylor

Sharpshooters at War: Defending Arcadia

Daniel Taylor

A little regarded period of history, the inter-war years were crucial in forging the spirit and ethos of the Sharpshooters. At the time they were little more than a company-strength unit of the Territorial Army based in West London, with few resources, a paltry assortment of vehicles and a drill hall that had seen better days. What they did have in spades was spirit and enthusiasm. These were ordinary men in regular jobs from across London who were mainly seeking a little action and adventure at the weekend. As with any good military unit they had that extra spark that made them stand out.

This account details their training, their summer camps, the routine, and their equipment. Most of all it looks at the individuals who made up the unit and made it tick.

The 23rd (London) armored Car Company (Sharpshooters), as they were styled, was a leader in innovation and excellence, often called upon to train with the regular army. They provided escorts for food convoys during the General Strike, performed at the Royal Tournament, provided honor guards for Jubilees, Royal funerals and Coronations, and took on all manner of sporting activities, including two very active rugby teams. Towards the end of the 1930s they had begun to gear-up for war long before it became an inevitability, constantly recruiting over-strength and hiding the figures from their reluctant paymasters. When, at last, the likelihood of war was acknowledged they swiftly returned to full regimental strength and then immediately started raising a second line regiment.

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  • Publish Date: Sep 30th, 2024
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