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Book Cover for: Shifts in Knowledge Sharing and Creativity for Business Tourism, Muhammad Waseem Bari

Shifts in Knowledge Sharing and Creativity for Business Tourism

Muhammad Waseem Bari

In the contemporary landscape, the significance of business tourism has surged, drawing substantial attention from researchers in the realms of social and management sciences. Defined as an individual's travel outside their local town for business opportunities, transactions, enjoyment, and learning, business tourism has undergone notable shifts, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The book titled Shifts in Knowledge Sharing and Creativity for Business Tourism emerges as a solution to unravel the positive and negative impacts of the pandemic on business traveling, specifically addressing changes in the frequency of business tourism and its effects on employee learning and knowledge transfer skills. This book meticulously covers a spectrum of aspects related to the evolving landscape of business tourism post-COVID-19. Its objective is multifaceted: first, to underscore the importance of business tourism in the domains of social sciences and management sciences literature; second, to deepen the understanding of how business tourism facilitates learning across diverse theories and concepts through interactions with different cultures; third, to explore the transferability of knowledge learned in various places to domestic implementations; fourth, to enhance individual and organizational innovation and creativity skills catalyzed by business tourism; and fifth, to delve into the dynamics of tacit and explicit knowledge transfer in the post-pandemic business environment.

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  • Publisher: IGI Global
  • Publish Date: Apr 3rd, 2024
  • Pages: 310
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00in - 8.50in - 0.81in - 2.48lb
  • EAN: 9798369326190
  • Categories: Industries - Hospitality, Travel & TourismDevelopment - Sustainable DevelopmentManagement Science

About the Author

Bari, Muhammad Waseem: - Muhammad Waseem Bari is working as an assistant professor at Lyallpur Business School, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan. Dr. Waseem earned his Ph.D. (Business Administration) degree from the Beijing Institute of Technology, China. He has broad insight into the topics of organizational sciences and has published several papers in high-quality impact factor journals. Dr. Waseem is also an editor of 6 books related to tourism, organizational performance, and knowledge management (IGI Global, USA), Guest editor (Frontiers Publishers), article editor (Sage Publications), and reviewer of several top-tier journals. He has vast experience in banking and the FMCG industries. His research areas are knowledge management, psychological contract, innovation, organizational changes, and tourism.
Soliman, Mohammad: - Mohammad Soliman is currently the Head of Research and Consultancy Department at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Salalah, Oman. He is also a Full Professor at the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Fayoum University, Egypt. He has published multiple papers in reputed journals indexed in WoS and Scopus (e.g., Current Issues in Tourism, Journal of Destination Management & Marketing, Tourism Review, Tourism Management Perspectives, Journal of Service Theory & Practice, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Mindfulness, Current Psychology; Geoheritage, Journal of Tourism Futures, Tourism & Hospitality Research, Journal of Medical Systems, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, etc.). Additionally, he sits on the editorial board of different academic journals (e.g., Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education; Tourism & Management Studies, Journal of Responsible Tourism Management, Journal of Global Hospitality and Tourism, Journal of Tourism & Hospitality; and others), and serves as a reviewer for several top-tier journals. He has successfully supervised and examined a number of Master and PhD theses. His research interests include tourism management and marketing, tourism behavior, HR in tourism, PLS-SEM, bibliometrics and systematic reviews.
Alaverdov, Emilia: - Emilia Alaverdov, Ph.D. in Political Science, is a professor, Faculty of Law and International Relations since 2011. She received her bachelor's degree in Languages and Literature, has been awarded a qualification of Philologist of English Language and Literature and Spanish Language and Literature, Ilia Chavchavadze State University, Tbilisi, Georgia. Has a master's degree in International Relations and Politics from the Diplomatic Academy of Georgia. She defended her doctoral thesis, "Islamic Factor in the History and Modern Russia" at Georgian Technical University and was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Political Science in 2013. Her research interests include religion, migration, and European and Russian studies. She is the author of 1 monograph and 1 textbook, an editor of 11 books, has participated in more than 50 international scientific conferences (among them majority abroad) and published more than 40 articles, and 11 book chapters.