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Book Cover for: Short Bedtime Stories for Children Ages 3 - 8 - Three (3) Bedtime Stories-Lily's Journeys & Sammy's Voyage, Marcia D. Williams

Short Bedtime Stories for Children Ages 3 - 8 - Three (3) Bedtime Stories-Lily's Journeys & Sammy's Voyage

Marcia D. Williams



"Lily and the Enchanting Sleepy Forest" is a captivating children's bedtime story filled with whimsical illustrations that bring to life the magical tale of young Lily. One starry night, under a slender crescent moon, an extraordinary Owl visits Lily, whisking her away on an adventure to a mystical forest unlike any other. In this enchanting realm, Lily experiences the wonders of a dreamland where the stars serenade the night with lullabies that dance through the trees, unicorns joyfully slide down rainbows, and playful raccoons engage in a final game of tag before bedtime. This enchanting tale, perfect for winding down the day, invites young readers into a world where bedtime signifies the beginning of magical adventures.


"Sammy's Starlight Voyage"

Start on a magical nocturnal adventure with "Sammy's Starlight Voyage - A Children's Short Bedtime Story." As the sun dips below the horizon, Sammy, a courageous little boat, sets sail from the safety of the harbor into the enchanting starlit sea. Join Sammy as it glides alongside playful dolphins, meets the awe-inspiring majesty of a gentle whale, and discovers a secret cove where shimmering mermaids wait to greet it. But the voyage isn't all calm seas; Sammy also bravely navigates through heart-stirring storms. This beautifully illustrated tale promises a blend of excitement and serenity, perfect for sending young dreamers off to sleep with visions of adventure and friendship.


Lily's Rainbow Adventure: A Magical Bedtime Story

Join Lily on a heartwarming journey through a land filled with magic and wonder in "Lily's Rainbow Adventure." This enchanting bedtime story, designed for young dreamers, invites readers into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Lily's adventure begins when she stumbles upon a magical land, a place where unicorns prance through wildflower fields and fairies dance among the trees.

As Lily explores further, she discovers a magnificent castle ruled by the kind-hearted Rainbow Queen. Through stunning artwork, readers will follow Lily inside the castle, witnessing the wonders that await.

Lily's journey is more than just a visual feast; it's a tale of growth and discovery. Amidst the kingdom's beauty, Lily learns valuable lessons about bravery, kindness, and the importance of following her heart. Each illustration captures moments of Lily's journey, reflecting the courage and compassion she finds within herself. As the story nears its end, Lily realizes it's time to return home. Saying goodbye to her magical friends, she crosses the rainbow bridge back to her village, her heart full of gratitude for the adventure she's experienced.

Lily's Rainbow Adventure" is more than just a bedtime story; it's a tale that encourages children to dream big, embrace kindness, and cherish the adventures that life offers. With each turn of the page, young readers will be transported to a world of wonder, learning alongside Lily the timeless lessons of love, friendship, and the magic of following one's dreams.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Prints Parade Gallery
  • Publish Date: Mar 31st, 2024
  • Pages: 90
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 10.00in - 7.00in - 0.19in - 0.38lb
  • EAN: 9798869288219
  • Recommended age: 03-08
  • Categories: Science & Nature - GeneralAction & Adventure - GeneralBedtime & Dreams

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