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Book Cover for: Slow Schooling: A Return to Learning as an Enjoyable Lifestyle, Keri Mae Lamar

Slow Schooling: A Return to Learning as an Enjoyable Lifestyle

Keri Mae Lamar


Teaching academics to your child is like teaching your baby how to walk. All you need to do is offer encouragement, opportunity, support when needed, and enticing resources (e.g. a push walker). In other words, it's your job to provide those things, but it's their job to learn and walk when they're ready. It begins with believing your child CAN learn and WANTS to learn, and that you (yes, you) can trust yourself to lead the way.

This book provides not only compelling reasons to educate your child at home, but offers age range and educational possibilities in many subjects. It is within the reach of most parents and caregivers to cultivate a lifestyle where learning is enjoyable and relaxed for everyone within the home, and where childhood can be savored while attaining academic goals.

About the Author

Keri Mae Lamar was a public school teacher who witnessed and felt the frustration of a system that did not allow (and could not allow) for unique individuals with their own abilities, curiosities, interests, talents, and potentials. She threw out her training to educate her own children at home within the rhythms and realities of family life.

Keri Mae has graduated four of her nine children so far. One is homesteading and raising her own family; one graduated from university Summa cum laude and is currently pursuing a doctorate in chiropractic; another is an avid hiker, adventurer, and sword fighter whose interest lies in Search and Rescue within wooded areas; and the fourth is pursuing music via piano, violin, ukulele and song writing.

Still in the trenches, Keri Mae is currently home educating five children ages 6-17, two of whom have Down syndrome.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Happy Home Media
  • Publish Date: Oct 7th, 2023
  • Pages: 356
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.25in - 0.74in - 0.81lb
  • EAN: 9780996110044
  • Categories: Home Schooling
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