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Book Cover for: Smart energy information management system for smart grid, Raghavendra Nagesh D. Y.

Smart energy information management system for smart grid

Raghavendra Nagesh D. Y.

In the last 100 years, the average temperature of the earth has risen 0.74 degrees Celsius, which has caused a variety of environmental problems, such as climate change and rising sea levels. Furthermore, fossil fuel is being exhausted because of a sharp increase in the consumption of energy after the Industrial Revolution. Some environmental experts expect that fossil fuel will run out completely in the near future. For this reason, recently, smart grid technology used for sustainable growth is emerging and a lot of related works have been done by various researchers around the world Electrical power is one of the most important infrastructure inputs necessary for the rapid economic development of a country. The rapid economic development is in turn causing huge stresses in the existing generation, transmission and distribution systems as they are not able to keep pace with the increasing demand. Installation and incorporation of a large number of electrical power generation units with increased capacities to deal with the surging demand has an adverse impact of the environment therefore efficient energy management is imperative. Conventional instrumentation has proven inadequate for the purpose of managing the extensive and complex power systems. Intelligent systems driven by microprocessors and computers need to be employed for online monitoring and control of modern large-scale power systems, in generation, transmission and distribution to overcome the complexities and drawbacks of the conventional instrumentation schemes. These intelligent systems form the basis of the smart grid. The smart grid (generation, transmission and distribution) by itself does not completely solve the problem of the existing demand-supply mismatch. The smart grid needs to be complemented with smart (programmable) appliances at the customer sites to efficiently re-distribute the demand to provide the benefits of lower costs for customers and operational efficiencies for suppliers. Smart Energy Information Management System need to integrate with Smart grid & Smart Appliances to analyze end to end complex power system data which leads to the reduce power consumption and increase smart grid reliability. The main objective of this thesis is to provide a framework for SEIMS by developing with ability to record, store, and process power consumption data of every major appliance in the house and Industries. The power consumption data is accessible through the Web portal and on handheld devices. Homeowners and Industries can track their power usage by device, room, equipment, Plant or appliance, which helps better regulate power consumption. The key is to decide whether the demand is off-peak, mid- peak or on-peak dynamically and relay this information to smart appliances of select customer groups based on available supply.

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