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Book Cover for: Snake Kung Fu Martial Arts: Fundamentals And Methods Of Self-Defense: From Basics To Advanced Techniques, Qiáng ZǏmò

Snake Kung Fu Martial Arts: Fundamentals And Methods Of Self-Defense: From Basics To Advanced Techniques

Qiáng ZǏmò

Snake Kung Fu, which is also referred to in Mandarin Chinese as Shequan (曇拳) or Snake Style Kung Fu, is a style of martial arts that emulates the attributes and motions of a serpent. It is classified as an animal style among the traditional Chinese martial arts, which derive their principles from the physique, conduct, and attributes of natural animals.
In Snake Kung Fu, quickness, dexterity, flexibility, and accuracy are emphasized. Applicators emulate the kinetic characteristics of a serpent by integrating strikes, throws, locks, and evasive maneuvers into their training regimens. The style is distinguished by its fluid, sinuous motions, which frequently incorporate abrupt transitions in velocity and course.
Important components of Snake Kung Fu consist of:
- Prioritization of flexibility: Proponents of Snake Kung Fu frequently utilize coiling and winding motions, emulating the serpentine form's dexterity and fluidity.
- Striking techniques: Finger strikes, palm strikes, and whip-like motions are examples of striking techniques utilized in Snake Kung Fu to resemble the canines and tail of a serpent.
- Footwork: Footwork is of the utmost importance in Snake Kung Fu for balance maintenance, evading assaults, and positioning for effective strikes. Sliding, pivoting, and circling motions redolent of the serpentine slithering motion may be utilized by practitioners.
- Sensitivity training: Similar to other traditional Chinese martial arts, Snake Kung Fu frequently integrates sensitivity training exercises into its regimen as a means to enhance one's timing, awareness, and responsiveness to the movements of an adversary.
- Methods of grappling and coiling: Snake Kung Fu encompasses strategies for manipulating and controlling the limbs of an adversary, frequently employing coiling and encircling motions to counterattacks and neutralize assaults.
In general, Snake Kung Fu is a multifaceted and dynamic martial art that places significant emphasis on combat dexterity and flexibility, deriving its inspiration from the maneuvers and attributes of a particularly nimble and elusive predator in the natural world.

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