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Book Cover for: Somatic Intelligence - Volume 9 Movement is Bliss (Black & White), Suresha Hill

Somatic Intelligence - Volume 9 Movement is Bliss (Black & White)

Suresha Hill

This book is a follow-up to Volume 8, "Movement is Medicine", where many disciplines were covered that provided scientific evidence for the body's ability to change itself down to the level of DNA using movement. Volume 9 describes and illustrates several key practical movements and hands-on exercises that are simple and effective. They focus on releasing tensions from the key areas in the body, (like the heart and lungs, neck and shoulders, spine, groin and hips, solar plexus and diaphragm) that are the most vulnerable to aging and injury using an approach that is both unique in formulations and ancient in principles. You can use these methods with yourself, your loved ones, or on your patients, clients, and students in case you are a movement educator. They truly emphasize what matters most as you use your body throughout the day and during any physical activity. whether moderate or intense. As these movements and hands-on techniques move from simple foundational aspects to more complex, integrated sequences you're able to discover a joyful ease that relaxes and connects your system from one end to the other.

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  • Publisher: One Sky Productions
  • Publish Date: May 3rd, 2024
  • Pages: 152
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798989962310
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Praise for this book

"Praise for Movement is Bliss - Volume 9! Suresha's style of manual therapy that she uses is wonderfully effective in the way that it can inspire balance in the body and the efficacy of using movement and manual therapy is a smart marriage which gives the receiver real lasting changes." Dr. Laura Sheehan, D.C.

"Although I have benefited from Suresha's skill as a healer, I find it difficult to put what feels like magic into words. Thankfully, she has done it for us in her book. Suresha articulates her understanding of a body in balance from a macro muscul0-skeletal perspective to the micro workings of each cell and how these systems communicate and harmonize. She offers a practical guide to her manual methods that influence the intelligent body to reset and restore." Dr. Heather Carlberg, M.D.

"Touching deep into the soma is Ms. Hill's forte. With deft and intuitive hands sparked by intellectual curiosity, she finds what is ailing you and proves your body and mind options that are often new and profound. Her book is a lovely mix of the intellectual and practical. Highly recommend." Elizabeth Burke, M.S., author/therapist/intuitive

"I have known about Somatics and read books about it but had not experienced it under the care of a practitioner until I met Suresha. From the very first session I felt a shift in my body when she gently applied somatic movements and different modalities she saw fit. At the end of each session I felt a deep sense of relaxation, calm, and even joyfulness. For me these sensations are hallmarks of a re-aligned body back to balance. So beautiful and subtle. Applying movement, she had brought the fulcrum of my body back to balance and had restored the flow of energy in my body.