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Book Cover for: Some People Should Never Be Managers: My Journey Building Dream Teams and Helping People Work Smarter and Live Better, Manuel Franco Ortega

Some People Should Never Be Managers: My Journey Building Dream Teams and Helping People Work Smarter and Live Better

Manuel Franco Ortega

Some People Should Never Be Managers is a book that sheds light on the negative impact of poor management on people's lives and businesses. Incompetent managers can harm our health, force us to leave our jobs, and hinder our career development. The book is a plea to do something about poor managers. It provides hope and encourages people to take charge of their careers by developing their confidence, being resourceful, taking risks, and working hard.

The author has over forty years of management experience and has worked for thirteen companies. During this time, the author has reported to thirty-three managers. The author has also gained over fifty years of experience working with information systems in various industries, including public utility, oil, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, banking, and telecommunications.

This book is a comprehensive guide to management that offers guidance on a wide range of topics, from personal development to professional growth. The author, with extensive industry experience, provides practical advice and insights that can help readers improve their management skills. It is an excellent resource for young people starting their careers, victims of poor management, aspiring managers, or data management teams. This book will help you to:

Get a heads-up about what to expect in business and avoid common pitfalls.

Understand how poor managers can harm your well-being and performance.

Deal with inappropriate manager behavior effectively and professionally.

Learn from the author's journey of overcoming abuse, leaving home at fifteen, and becoming a vice president of a large bank.

Assemble database and data management dream teams that can create innovative technology and advance the data management profession.

Undergo a self-assessment process to determine if you have the character traits of a successful manager.

Apply strategies and tactics for planning, organizing, and assembling a team.

Some People Should Never Be Managers emphasizes the harmful effects of inadequate managers who disregard the fundamental human dignity of their employees. Business is not just about profit; it's also about management's responsibility for the well-being of employees, customers, communities, and the environment. Moreover, the book encourages readers to explore personal freedom and find deeper meaning in their lives beyond the confines of work.

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  • Publisher: Page Publishing
  • Publish Date: Apr 24th, 2024
  • Pages: 278
  • Language: English
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