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Book Cover for: Somo Sisters Tapestry: A Tale of Social-Cultural Change, Shocks & Life in the UK by 12 Migrant Women, Sarah Nabudde

Somo Sisters Tapestry: A Tale of Social-Cultural Change, Shocks & Life in the UK by 12 Migrant Women

Sarah Nabudde

A THOUGHT-PROVOKING LOOK AT SOCIAL-CULTURAL CHANGE AND HISTORY. Story Lovers, Look No Further! A collection of stories from 12 women - sharing their raw and honest experiences of their migration to the UK. 12 Delicious, Eye-opening, Easy-To-Relate stories from women who have gone through the Social-Cultural wringer and come out winners.

It took self-love to self-discovery for these black women to navigate the social-cultural differences disguised as challenges to lead fulfilling lives.

These Stories Will Blow Your Mind!

You see, being a black woman in the UK or Europe today comes with unique struggles that people yearning to come to the West cannot even begin to fathom. These women have faced discrimination, racism, misogyny, and all kinds of challenges that people of color encounter. Their dreams were dashed, and their needs were often undermined and/or dismissed. Life seemed a daily battle against known and unknown barriers and limitations imposed on them by society. Not forgetting that they had to deal with immigration, studies, wife and/or parental duties, and they thought the grass was greener in the UK...

But all is not lost -- despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they have faced over time, awkward secrets, and cultural blind spots of society, their journeys show that how you respond to life's challenges determines your altitude as an immigrant.

When student nurse Sarah goes to interview for a Job in London, she encounters a manager who tells her, her Accent is not good enough for their clientele! Sarah is intimidated but not daunted; The unworldly, innocent Sarah is determined to prove that manager wrong.

On the other side of London, a 19-year-old Justina arrives at Gatwick, and there's no one to pick her up. A teenage African girl in a western city, her worst nightmare unfolds before her. So, how did she end up a Community Leader, a Ph.D. Student and a Charity CEO? Her story shows her enigmatic reserve and resilience in the face of challenges.

For all the racial differences, bias, and misogyny these women face, they have solutions and medicine for other immigrants to the UK or any other Western country. They show how self-love overcomes fear and environmental social bias leading to self-healing. These women show you how you can Take Back Your Power in a Western society without losing your Identity. You can find your voice, learn how and whom to ask, and achieve what you want in a system that isn't fair and wasn't created for you. You will learn how to:

Anyone who embarks on a daring, journey a modern-day migrant, can learn from these women's stories and solutions to asserting their right to be treated with dignity and compassion by society. It starts with you.

  • Debunk the negative connotations of "racism" and harness it for your own success
  • Discover how to be seen, heard, and treated with the respect you deserve in the community or at work and unlock your potential.
  • Overcome the lie that you are not worthy or hard to reach, by learning how to connect to allies to reach your goals
  • Plan for change, to become the change you want and those changes you didn't see coming.

This book is intended for all audiences. Powerful and Mindful Stories of how people adapt to cultural changes, with valuable insights into their social & cultural boundaries.
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