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Book Cover for: Spirit Muscle: God's Gift to Enable You to Flow in the Holy Spirit, Jonathan Derrick Mathe

Spirit Muscle: God's Gift to Enable You to Flow in the Holy Spirit

Jonathan Derrick Mathe

Previously published under the title, "Spirit Muscle: Building Your Spiritual Strength with God's Weight Set"

Since the release of this book, the testimonies have been rolling in...for those who have never spoken in tongues - receiving it for the first time; for those who have not experienced or understood the fullness or specifics of this powerful gift - becoming free and confident on its parameters and usefulness.

Each chapter answers a burning question that many Christians have about speaking in tongues.

This is the perfect book for both the theological skeptic and the longtime practitioner. Half of the book is dedicated to providing a sound, working theology that addresses every barrier to the receiving and the necessity of the gift. The other half is revelatory teaching that brings depth and faith to the operation of this gift that will reignite a fire in your spirit to reinstitute the importance of its consistent, biblical use. This is a prophetic season in which the Lord is once again highlighting the necessity of the gift of tongues in his body. In this book is everything you need to know about the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues and its place in the church, ministry, and a kingdom lifestyle. Using a surplus of scripture, humor, and thrilling firsthand stories, the author confronts head-on the many myths and misconceptions surrounding this powerful spiritual gift.

"Biblical, experienced, insightful and passionate answers to all of the tough questions surrounding the spiritual gift of tongues."

In Spirit Muscle you will learn:
For the beginner...
● My walk is fine. Why do I need to speak in tongues?
● Didn't Paul warn us about speaking in tongues in the Bible?
● Was tongues for preaching the Gospel & must all be interpreted?
● I thought that not everyone can speak in tongues?
● What about abuse & misuse of tongues?
● How can I be empowered to speak in tongues?
For the experienced...
● Just a spiritual gift or a key fulfillment of God's saga with Mankind?
● Is there more than one type of speaking in tongues?
● How to connect with God despite my mood, thoughts, & feelings?
● How tongues enables me to better flow in all of my spiritual gifts?
● The bypass of the biggest obstacle to flowing in the Spirit & power.
● Use in spiritual warfare, building faith, and accessing revelation.
● How "getting into the Spirit" connects us with Heaven's spiritual Throne Room realities.

Did you know that God has given you a way to make yourself stronger in the spirit realm? Are you ready to hit God's gym?

Book Details

  • Publisher: Jonathan Derrick Mathe
  • Publish Date: May 6th, 2024
  • Pages: 246
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.52in - 0.64lb
  • EAN: 9780999792117
  • Categories: Christian Theology - Pneumatology