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Book Cover for: Spiritual Technology of Distance Healing, Alexandra Alexander

Spiritual Technology of Distance Healing

Alexandra Alexander

How does distance healing work? If you have a concept of how a smart phone works you can understand how distance healing works. There is no cord connecting you to the other person, but the evidence is there because you are having a conversation on your phone. We are connected through the sea of quantum fields around us to others by our Light, just like the smart phone.
My name is a Light signature and the more I connect the name Alexandra to other Light signatures their Light will sync to mine. You can access Light signatures of others by speaking the encodement of their name (signature). We establish many links in the Field with other's Light signatures when we connect verbally as well as by our thoughts. Those we live with have the strongest Light connection. We have trouble getting over a lost love because of all the strands of Light between us. These strands of Light must be released before we can successfully move into the Light field of another partner.
When technology and spirituality get married they give birth to Miracles. Miracles happen in the Field as we distance heal another's Light by allowing the other Light connection to correct. We as the healer are there for the healing to take place; we are the observer in the quantum field. God is the healer! Our belief that healing is possible allows the miracle to happen.

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  • Publisher: Balboa Press
  • Publish Date: Aug 26th, 2014
  • Pages: 168
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781452519586
  • Categories: SpiritualitySpiritualism - General